Mundane Temperament Types

Temperament types do not work with mundane charts. We tried that the first time out and it was a wash,  confirming Dr. Jones’s theories, so we are not applying them to this round.

On the other hand, focal determinators are a great success and and we have one with Uranus in the 7th — disruption in established business partnerships.

vs a Focal Determinator

Uranus is at 14 Taurus 47 getting the Sabian symbol of a “man in evening clothes wearing a top-hat rakishly.”  Jones writes this is about the essential quality of life.  As it is exactly trined to Mars in the 11th, it suggests a brave face during great difficulties.

Interesting that Biden should have a problem with Harris while we are in Topeka, the site of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling where Thurman Marshall rose to national prominence and later became a Justice of the US Supreme Court under President LBJ.

Our Ascendant is 29 Libra, Sabian Symbol that masses push forward to break through the black chasm of knowledge.

BTW, this is my last weekly. After this I will just be covering New, Full and Blue Moon but continuing with the US Tour, so it will take two years to complete. Thanks as always for your support. I appreciate it.

Cheerio, Suki

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