The round building in Concord

Biden’s Awakening of America

Polls claim that 50% of American approve of Biden’s opening the borders and support of Black Lives Matters and the Woke Movement as Joe Biden’s first 100 days aim to reshape and wake America. Whether that is surprise is another thing, considering he outpolled Barack Obama eight year ago and equaled Donald Trump’s 2016 statistics but when you have the media in your pocket, or is it the other way around?, everything is good. Corporate i.e. Multinational Wall Street, America, is not far behind applauding new taxes that would give them an edge, and lots of cheap labor in their mission to drive down middle class wages.

Covid in New Hampshire

  • April 1, 2021: New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) announced that all K-12 schools had to return students to full-time, in-person instruction by April 19., but he left open the of requesting remote learning.
  • April 8, 2021: Governor Sununu announced said all people, including residents of other states, would be eligible for a coronavirus vaccine on Monday, April 19. I guess in this case you just find a place offering it and say yes. Cost and/or fees was not mentioned. Residents 40 and older had been eligible since March 25 while residents 16 and older were scheduled to be eligible April 2 which is all faster than Biden’s mandates.

Our header image of the Gas Building in Concord, New Hampshire, one of the few truly round brick buildings in America.

The weekly chart

While based in Concord the chart is proxy for the rest of the Union. The Natural Hours chart like Placidus, Topocentric and Koch does not have mathematically calculated house lines but instead are derived from the great circles passing through the ecliptics. The major house stellium is in the tenth which is the house of the president, the government and in the general sense national prestige. Alas it is heavily afflicted with lots of squares — of both types — oppositions and sesquiquadrates all critical of the tenth house activities suggesting the polling is not as reflective as the national agencies would like to suggest.

The major support for presidential policies is coming from Jupiter in Aquarius in the eighth or financial affairs with other countries. That is probably referring to us rejoining the Paris Climate Accords and the discussion of Yellen and Biden of a “global” minimum corporate tax which makes Europe and America happy but penalizes poor Asia and African countries who have already spoken out against it. Despite the latter’s protests, it will probably go through, as it helps offset his $1.7 trillion dollar New Green Deal infrastructure bill.

The Sabian Symbol I pulled for the week is partile the Sun at 28 Aries 50, the symbol for which is a “large audience rejoices in the disillusionment of the past.” This is echoing Senator Markey of Massachusetts’s statement that packing the Supreme Count with 4 more justices is the only way to stop “Trump and his people” from ever voicing discontent again. It is always heartening to see one’s elected officials be brazen in their contempt of the electorate–as the band plays on.

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