NASA space probe

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover closed in on the red planet after a journey of 293 million miles, hurtling toward a nail-biting seven-minute descent to touchdown Thursday. The mission is an unprecedented attempt to find signs of past microbial life at the site of an ancient Martian river, delta and lakebed.

Mission managers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said that the spacecraft was healthy and flawlessly executing its final approach to Jezero Crater as it readied for a high-speed descent that engineers only half jokingly refer to as “seven minutes of terror.”

The astrological chart for  Perserverance's landing on Mars
The chart is based on Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Some interesting comparison’s between Perseverance’s Landing and America’s Founding natal charts.

  • The chart get a 19 Cancer 34 rising, Cancer; America’s Sun is 12 Cancer 43 and Mercury, the ruler for the American Declaration is 24 Cancer
  • The Rover’s part of fortune is exact to one minute America’s fifth house cusp of creative offspring.
  • The rover’s Saturn is at 07 Aquarius 21; Americans’ South Node is partile.
  • And speaking of Node’s the Rover’s North Node is 16 Gemini 44; America’s Neptune is opposite that at 22 Virgo 24.
  • The Perserverance’s chart mundane type is a Bundle.

Congratulations to those who made this possible…and of course, Thanks.

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