This week for the full moon, we hit Providence, Rhode Island, which is our small state. Delaware is technically twice as long at 96 miles long to Rhody’s 41. But Rhode Island still has Newport, and its beautiful beaches, at the southern end of Aquidneck Island and at the entrance of Narragansett Bay. It beats Philadelphia and its Friends by over fifty years, having the first Quaker establishment in the US in 1639. Delaware has a president to boast, while Rhode Island never got one. To be honest, Rhode Island has not even gotten a Vice President.

But it has the Newport Folk Festival where on 25 July 1965 folk singer Bob Dylan shook the house and went electric. Music in America was never the same; fifty-one years later, Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature while Delaware has not had a contender ; that’s one for Rhody.

The Zenith System

For this full moon I am using the Zenith System, which has as its first house the Anti-Vertex and the seventh is the Vertex. It cuts a horizontal circle at 30 degree intervals starting at the East Point of the horizon, and hen projects these points onto the ecliptic using vertical circles. Its creator is Zariel, aka the Australian David Cope, was also the inventor of the Meridian house system. One notable drawback is the Zenith is only suitable for latitudes between 24 and 90 degrees within which Providence Rhode Island lays, so we’re good.

Of course, until you compare it to something you know, you do not know what you are looking at, so here’s our familiar Morinus. The ascendant is the same in both charts, it’s the first house cusp that is different, because it is the Anti-Vertex,. The Midheaven is the cusp of the tenth house while in Morinus the Midheaven like the Ascendant floats.

The Vertex controversy

The Vertex is like the ascendant, midheaven and part of fortune — a plotted point on the chart, this time where two circles meet. There is not much written on it except Sasha Fenton’s Vertex book. She does a good job of describing it and has a short cookbook set of meanings. She does not use it for mundane charts however, just natals, so how it would here as the first house, which she attributes to issues of dependence.

Comparing the cuspal degrees, the Zenith has more interceptions — one in the first house with Sagittarius-Gemini and the second one in the sixth house with Aries-Libra. This would appeal to the interception crowd who as Joanne Wickenburg says in her book on the topic, look for as many as possible. That is another reason, like the Koch, the Zenith is most likely geared to nativities. It wasn’t the best of choices for this chart.


The ninth house preponderance reminds us from the New Moon May Chart is back this time in Cancer (I’m using Morinus btw) and divisive Mars is right at the tenth house and opposing Saturn, while Venus is coddling up to the Midheaven and opposing Pluto at the same time. Seems to me that our Summer vacations look good on paper but won’t be as rosy as dreamed. Still nothings perfect, and before you know it, literally it will be just a memory (ascendant Libra 25 a fluttering autumnal leaf suggesting lessons learned by unknown means).

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