The Great Salt Lake c. 2011

The Lunar Eclipse is just two days after the Full Moon so we are still at the Lake. Our header picture is not recent, like the previous New Moon shot, but 10 years old when the levels were higher. The Great Lake is a glorious thing. I was mesmerized by it when I lived in SLC and really enjoyed the seagulls flying about. Imagine seagulls 732 miles away from the Pacific in an inland oasis; it stunned me.

The Salt Lake is is largest body of water in the United States after the Great Lakes and is a terminal basin, meaning water pours into it from rivers and streams but once there, there is no outlet other than evaporation. This is why it is so salty; the salts and minerals concentrate to such a degree that it is three to five times saltier than the ocean.(I’ll take NASAs word on that, I never tasted it.) Despite that, it is a haven for more than 250 species of migratory birds who feast on the shrimp and myriad flies that thrive there.

The Lunar Eclipse Chart of May 26 2021


The Cradle is still there, so instead we look at the T-Square. It starts with an opposition from the Sun at 05 Gemini 25 in the first and ends with the Moon at 05 Sagitarrius 28 in the seventh house but very close to the 8th house cusp. The T-Square, which really is just an intermediary between the opposition is Jupiter at 01 Pisces 11, getting the Sabian Symbol of a “tiny squirrel is watchful on a limb hidden from the hunters below.” Jones writes this symbol, perfect for our lake and for us this summer, highlights the need for safety.

The next three months were rough, and things hit a crescendo in August right around Regulus, when I am penning this, as the Lake hit record lows and Afghanistan which no one paid attention to in years, suddenly went south. Seems that’s always the way.

As for the Lake, after five years of drought in the American West and higher-than-normal temperatures the volume of water is shrinking and since 1847, overall, the volume is down 48 percent and the lake level has fallen 3.4 meters (11 feet). It’s easy to look back and see the portents for hindsight is twenty-twenty they say, though the great Russian philosopher writer, Aleksandr Solzhenistyn said that “hindsight is a fool’s game” Maybe they are both right.

We wont have another Total Lunar Eclipse until next year around the same time, but then we get two just in time for the Midterm elections. That chart, is horror with lots of oppositions and squares and an unaspected Pluto. If we were doing temperament types for mundane charts, it would be a Mars lipped bowl. In the meantime there are of charts in between then and now. Heigh-ho.

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