There was an annular Solar Eclipse in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada, on 6-10-2021.  It was not a total because it only covered 75% of the Sun’s rays.  Total of course must be 100%. .  June’s  best viewing site was Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and could be seen in Greenland and Russia.  Look to see the latter country more in the news for the rest of the year.

The partial eclipse started at 4:38 and about an hour later hit maximum at 6.42 am and was only seen from a small area, while the partial, always a larger part of any eclipse, was seen as far south a New York City.  The annular ended forty five minutes later while the partial continued on for a full 5 hours.Moncton Eclipse

The chart is a sloppy bowl — there is no rim opposition.  The ascendant for our Regiomontanus mundane chart is 05 Cancer 46, getting the Hyperion Symbol of Celebrities conversing at a banquet in their honour.  It’s keyword is Equality from the French Revolution motto, Liberte, egalite, fraternite and was adopted into the French Constitution in 1958.  It’s an interesting connection, as the map above plainly shows that New Brunswick is also called Noveau Brunswick as Canada is a dual language country.

Our last annular was at Xiamen Bay, China in 2021. The next eclipse is on  December 4, 2021 in Capetown, South Africa, a kitty-korner away.  It will be total.  North America will not view it.

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