The first Memorial Day

The idea for a Memorial Day comes from a Mr. McClintock a druggist in Waterloo, Seneca County, New York, 1 Waterloo is near Seneca Falls, both outside of Rochester, where in July 1848 the first Women’s Right Convention was held who, in 1866, suggested shops close one day to honor the fifty-eight soldiers who had fallen in the Civil War. It caught on, and on May 5 of that year, stores in that town closed for a day and residents placed flowers on soldiers’ graves.

Chart for the first memorial day

Appropriately, the first Memorial Day is a Saturn Bucket, with Saturn in its own domicile in the tenth house at 08 Scorpio 36 Rx and in the sign of loss, Scorpio. The symbol is uncanny, “a dentist is hard at work man as porcelain (gravestones) replace flesh and bone,” and represents how man can creatively emulate the forces the nature to assuage his loss. Everything in this chart lies in the second and third houses, with just Venus in the fourth, representing the lost loves of the American people, as she inconjunct the Moon, the fourth’s natural ruler, who is in the twelfth and in its fall in cold harsh Capricorn.

The second house has a preponderance of Arian planets, signifying the sorrow of the Great Civil War, where American fought not against stranger, but fellow American, signified by Mars just hitting at 00 Aries 54. It seems this memoriam was well timed.

Another Memorial Day

Other anecdotal stories claim that Southern women put flowers on the graves of soldiers at a Richmond, Virginia, the capitol of the Confederacy, on May 30, 1866.

Things are sombrer here in for the Blue and Gray, with a Grand Trine in Water enveloping the Part of Fortune at 24 Pisces 52 (a drastic reform is in progress and the priest craft is purged for a new ministry) as the Old Guard comes to terms with their loss. From the previous northern bias, here everything is in the south and public with the tenth house instead of having a singleton gets a plethora of planets coming together. The Arians again hover in Scorpio but this time in the eigth house and Pluto and Mercury, the prayers for the fallen (Pluto opposite Saturn) define the day. Jupiter in the fifth in Aquarius reminds us of the generations that will not see light because their fathers have fallen. And in the fourth, the Moon holds court, crying like Rachel for her children, for she they are no more. 2 Jeremiah 31:15 from the Amplified, my particular favourite. .

Decoration Day

The retired Major General of the US Army, Jonathan Logan planned another ceremony on May 30, 1868, honoring the dead with flowers and songs, but we have no place and so no chart. This became known as Decoration Day, and was faithfully celebrated on May 30. In 1882, the name was changed to Memorial Day and it became a public holiday in many parts of the country and Americans mourned all their dead, whether fallen in War or civilians who supported it. In my family, one among many, we go to the cemetery and plant flowers that day, reminding them we love them still though they are long gone, and of course, are not forgotten.

Finally, in 1971, President Nixon signed into law Memorial Day declaring it a federal holiday to be celebrated the last Monday in May., and unintentionally inaugurating also, the first day of Summer. The postcard above is from

Brave actions never need a trumpet. Hazlitt’s “English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases” 1834.




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