Virgo 23

Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread

For the new Moon in May we go to New York, New York gets the ascendant is 22 Virgo 38 or A clown clad in gay apparel rushes into the arena where animals await his bidding. Our header image is from a vintage lithograph of not a clown but the Queen of Lions at the Circus from SciencePhotoLibrary.

Marc Jones in the Sabian Symbols writes this is a quality of fearlessness where faith in oneself reigns supreme and blinds one to the hazards ahead. It all sounds fantastic, and filled with aplomb and armed with self-righteousness (ninth house) what can go wrong?

That’s the problem as Neptune opposes the lord of of our chart, and we become blindsided by the Great Watery King in his domicile, Pisces believring everything is going our way. Alas that feeds into a reckless optimism in our abilities, (Mars trine Neptune and opposite opposite Pluto which itself is trine the Ascendant), making our bite off more than we can chew.

Trickery Ahead

The preponderance in the ninth house hints that legal, religious issues will become paramount but as the the Moon-Sun conjunction is trine the Part of Fortune-Ascendant we will never see the folly of our actions until it is too late.

Mars recommends instead of trying to force oneself into the situation, where we are definitely not wanted, we should high tail it out there. Uranus in the eighth agrees, as it is really is out of our hands because everyone has their hand in the pie looking for easy pickings, (Uranus square Jupiter in its detriment in the sixth house) , and our noble attitudes of right and wrong cannot win against the cold harsh reality of selfish greed.

Everyone it seems, but you.
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