The May 26 Eclipse

The May 26 Eclipse is typically called the Flower Moon Eclipse because that’s when flowers are in full bloom. Lilacs, lilies and the annuals take center stage. This year though the Flower Moon has been eclipsed itself by an even rarer event: a Blood Moon eclipse.

Alas only observers in the Western third of the United States be able to view most of this eclipse, for the Moon will not set until after the end of totality. This makes the best viewing spot Hawaii, where the entire eclipse will occur with the Moon well up in the sky. Another good spot is Southwestern Alaska where the entire eclipse will be visible before the Moon sets. My family in Australia went to Tuncurry-Forster to see the Blood Moon Eclipse and go whale watching, though they could have stayed home and saw it in Sydney. Travelling up the coast ended up being a mistake as it was overcast there. (see the shot above); hopefully they will have more success there.

Eclipse mapBy NASA –, Public Domain

What makes a Blood Moon?

During the total phase, the Moon’s disk will not go completely dark, but rather will light up with an eerie copper or reddish-orange glow, that is popularly called a “Blood Moon” because the sunlight striking Earth is diffused and scattered by our atmosphere and the Earth’s shadow is not completely dark. The ruddy hue is similar to sunrise and sunset only instead of being at the horizon, it is high in the sky like a bright blood-red orangey orb. During this eclipse, the top part of the Moon will be noticeably brighter during totality because that is the part of the Moon that will be closest to the outer edge of the umbral shadow.

Viewing Times for the Eclipse

Here is a timetable covering four time zones. If you see a — (dash) in the column it is because that particular phase of the eclipse is not observable because the Moon has already set.

Timetable for the May 26th Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, coast to coast

Moon enters Penumbra1:47 a.m2:47 a.m.3:47 a.m.4:47 a.m.
Moon enters Umbra2:44 a.m3:44 a.m4:44 a.m
Total Eclipse Begins4:11 a.m5:11 a.m.
Mid-Totality4:18 a.m.5:18 a.m.
Total Eclipse Ends4:25 a.m.5:25 a.m.
Moon leaves Umbra
Moon Leaves Penumbra
Viewing Times

If you missed it, you can view it thanks to PBS.

Chart for the Eclipse

Blood Moon Ecliplse chart 2021
chart for May 26, 2021

The Chart is set for LA CA. The ascendant is 07 Taurus 46 which Charubel says is indicative of two swords crossing each other on the ground with a person standing on them as their sceptre points heavenward. The symbol highlights a time of peace, and laying down one’s arms and turning them to ploughshares. Perhaps the troubles in Israel will soon be over…for now.

The chart is pretty evenly thrown on the eastern side of the wheel, highlighting a time to use one’s resources and planning ahead (Moon in Sagittarius) for the winter that is sure to come. The preponderance in Gemini spread through the first and second houses suggests a lot of discussion of how best to plan for the upcoming 3-day weekend in the US and the summer it inaugurates. Mercury is opposite the Galactic Centre, not shown, so it is getting a heavy workout as plans, travel and finances are worked out.

With the Sun opposite the Moon, it is an eclipse, the key is Pluto at the Midheaven, highlighting working out the various details of everyone. But a sombre note is Saturn in the tenth reminding Americans that traditionally this is the weekend to honour their fallen dead and the semi sextile suggests a toast or a BBQ may be all they can scramble, nonetheless remember to buy a Poppy.

Our last New Moon Chart of hoping for more than fortune would allow, seemed to come true for many I knew, and a dear friend’s repose was a harsh reminder that it’s hard to beat a ninth house stellium. RIP K.L.C.

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