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Carry me back to Old Virginny

We leave Des Moines where the corn is being sown to Richmond. If you want the best corn you’ll ever have, grown your own. You can do this out of a flower box like I did as a kid in Brooklyn; a friend in southwest does all his vegetables out of containers. — you do not get much but just enough to enjoy one fine day or two. It gives you a real feeling of being in the moment. In the meantime this week our weekly chart is based from Richmond Virginia.

Our header shot is of Richmond from the Civil War era out of the Library of Congress archives.

Hidalgo is right with the Part of Fortune

Covid Memoir Writing and Fortune

So this week Hidalgo appears right next to the Part of Fortune. The Hyperion symbol for 09 Scorpio is “a Thick journal full of thoughts from the past.” I imagine that is pointing to all the Covid memoirs getting released now;

                  from the Wall Street Journal; Peter Funt must be the creator Alan’s son.  Never saw the show.

Hidalgo in the news

Weeks aspects:

Tenth house

  • Exalted Neptune remains in Pisces now in the tenth house.
  • Exalted Sun in Aries in the tenth house.
    • Both these suggest its time to really put forth energy on those things you love, even if it is yourself and you write a memoir — Mercury conjunct Neptune.
  • Venus is conjunct Difda, (also called Deneb Kaitos) in Cetus, is in “the tail of the whale. ”
    • It has the nature of Saturn and is associated with inhibitions and restraint, psychologically and physically.

Twelfth House

  • Mars is conjunct the North Node in Pisces and Aldebaran
    • Aldebaran, has the nature of Mars and is associated with public or military honours and courage.
    • It can also denote extraordinary energy and ambition.
    • In conjunction with Mars depending upon the sign and element,
      • here it is in the twelfth house of water but the sign of Gemini, can give rise to sudden violent passions.
      • The murders in Boulder are obvious, but be careful of your own short tempers when getting sudden news concerning business affairs you may shoot the messenger who is actually bring you good news.
  • North Node in Gemini.
    • Non-verbal communication is highlighted. From Goldsmith of “A diplomat looks down from his window to find a glamorous woman beckoning him enigmatically and then walking away. In no time he is outside, following her with a flashlight.”  Sounds like a lurker to me.

First House

  • The ascendant is 03 Cancer 56 get Charubel’s symbol of “I can see that side of the Moon that is never seen” highlighting when people step out of themselves and look back as a stranger. Good advice.
  • Conjunct Fixed star Dirah, in Gemini, is a star in the left foot of the Northern Twin giving you more energy than normal, it’s a spring btw so don’t be surprised.

Eighth House

  • Saturn in its rulership Aquarius in the eighth house. Sounds like tax time.
  • Pluto in Capricorn. conjunct the Fixed star Terebellium, star in the tail of the Archer.
    • Brings good fortune followed by regret or disgrace as it has the nature of Venus and Saturn.

Uranus in Taurus which is its fall because its exalted in Scorpio, always surprises me that association.  As  Uranus is in its essential house, Aquarius, everything seems swell, but Uranus doesn’t like the bull, so you could have software problems or a hard drive failure. The best way to handle this is less Facebook time and more personal time, perhaps writing that memoir?,  as it is sextile Mercury.

Ninth House

  • Jupiter in Aquarius in the ninth highlighting religious observances;

A Marian Anderson Welcome

Sung beautifully by the magnificent contralto Marian Anderson in the 1940s shortly after it was penned by minstrel composer and performer, James Bland. It is sheer heaven to listen to her sing. Enjoy.

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