It’s 820 miles from Jackson to Des Moines Iowa, a long eleven hours by car. Perhaps we should have taken the plane. Our mundane chart gets the Sabian Symbol of 28 Sagittarius, “an old bridge over a beautiful stream” When positive, the degree is calm efficiency enabling the individual to pour all of themselves into the mastery of any situation, but when negative, routine thinking and behaviour.

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It is is right on the seventh house cusp of diplomacy and relationships with other parties (like the ruling Democrat and how they handle Republican opposition to their 1.9 TRILLION dollar Covid relief bill and/or countries. or perhaps the Democrat threat of getting rid of the filibuster. Still, Sagittarius 28 corresponds to the position of Asteroid #433 Eros for this weeks chart — rather fitting for Spring and suggests surprises may come from the unlikeliest of places — is it true New York will oust Cuomo? or Newsom, under threat of recall himself, will replace Feinstein? I still do not believe either. But Eros can send some wild arrows and who knows where they will land.

Planetary action

3-16 TuesdayMoon enters Taurus ; Moon sextile Mercury,Sun sextile Pluto
3-17 St. Patrick’sChicago River goes green; Sun square Saturn, Mars sextile Chiron, Moon square Jupiter
3-18 ThursdayMoon enters Gemini, Moon squares Jupiter,
3-19 FridayNo Change
3-20 SaturdaySPRING EQUINOX; Ostara,; Sun Enters Aries; Sun enters Aries 5:37 EDT
3-21 SundayMoon inconjunct Pluto; Moon square Venus; Moon enters Cancer; Sun enters Aries 10:16
3-22 MondayMoon square Chiron, Moon sextile Uranus, Moon trine Mercury; Moon inconjunct Saturn

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