There are many New Year in a Calendar, and this is one. Starting on the first of January is the official one, we in the United States of America, as does most of the world, use, based on the Gregorian calendar.

A Julian New Year, used only religiously by the Orthodox Church, and what the Gregorian replaces, finally gets to 2021 on 14th of January. The Astrological New Year starts on the Solstice in March; other New Year like the Julian are typically religious in nature.

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The Mountain Ash Tree

WE start the New Year with an ascendant of 09 Libra 46, the Hyperion Symbol of a Mountain Ash Tree, a symbol of that which is independent of transient things and has its essence in the singularity of truth. The keyword is Dignity.

The chart has a Grand Trine in Fire with the Moon in Leo, to Uranus in Taurus ending in Venus in Sagittarius, highlighting the fixity of people’s ideas.

Neptune is in Pisces found in the sixth house and sextile to that Uranus, creates a Yod with the descendant as the apex suggests “broken pillars on an ancient meadow,” because memories of the past while are a memorial in itself, are also a call to originality of spirit to surmount the troubles and fortunes ahead.

This sextile between the two generational planets. which Marc Jones terms, the Line of Culture, suggests the urge to expand, Jupiter, is thwarted by the desire to contract or maintain the status quo, Saturn. It is rather frustrating aspect for whatever Saturn sees, Jupiter dismisses as not being “irrelevant”, or “meaningless” while what Jupiter wants, Saturn denies because of lack in faith that what is being asked for really will do anything, or is “spendthrifty.”

Nunc Est Bibendum

Our New Year’s Moon is in Leo in the tenth house at 05 Leo 28. It gets the symbol of the “Impetus gained from gravity” and suggests that there is no choice of knowing what is coming up in the year ahead: it will come suddenly and like a lion, and leave us bedazed and bewildered.

This uncertainly could lead to weight gain, excess partying as in Horace’s Party today for Tomorrow we Die — from his famous poem, Nunc est Bidendum, but I do not recommend that. Instead, pump up the volume and exercise harder, more purposefully, be fitter, take up some long-lost hobby or interest from your childhood.

Pump up the volume and aim to soar within your own world and ignore the rest. Aim for moderation. Relax and enjoy your own achievement, as your new found zest may lead to blood pressure, or spinal issues from undo stress.

With the Moon in Leo in the tenth house, right impressions are the most important impressions you make now. Leo hates to be circumspect, and despises rules, and thwart the current zeitgeist and give them the fruitful finger, but here in the tenth, the Moon is telling appearances will be judged and your outward demeanor can thwart your best efforts. Be circumspect.

Square Domination

Squares dominate our New Year’s chart, and so strife and adjustments will also dominate the nations discourse but with conjunctions a close second, turning to friends and mutual allies will help bridge that gap.

The strong preponderance supports this in the fourth house of the home, and Congress, and suggests that Congressional approval will remain at historical lows though the sextile to Neptune in the sixth shows they will probably continue to it that.

Jupiter, the sign of the Republican Party, is square to Uranus in the seventh, but Uranus is not welcome in Taurus and suggests they will be of little help in combating the concomitant rise in taxes, and gasoline costs that President-elect Joe Biden have promised — they just do not have the votes.

Thus, it is best to be resourceful, and cut unnecessary expenses, particularly those third party electronic goodies like Amazon Prime, Netflix, club costs, magazines, etc. to a minimum. Those self-employed will continue to see insurance and fees skyrocket while customers scared of Covid remain online or even out of sight as more and more of the self-employed, who can, go to to Zoom, when possible, or worse turn to more traditional modes of employment.

Locomotive Type

Overall the New Year’s chart is a locomotive mundane type, suggesting single-minded determination to whatever is your purpose is the best way to handle the vagaries ahead.

Most of all, Be Happy. Smile. Repeat.

Godspeed folks.


Updated February 19, 2021 because I noticed the charts were unattached. Sometimes I think WordPress has a mind of its own and I post here so it can do its thing. Honest.

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