The Full Moon of May 26 2021 happens at 5:13 AM in Salt Lake City, which will be making record low water levels this summer thanks to the drought hitting the Western US. Our header picture is of that geological feat. As to the Full Moon itself, it’s always odd to me that the fullest moon is in the morning but if you were watching for it 6 hours before, it was close enough — the human eye really cannot discern minutes of arc.

After the New Moon in the Big Apple, this Full Moon wants to soothe and calm us down. Appropriately enough this chart gives us a Cradle Formation — the base is the opposition from Mars in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn in the ninth — reminding us of the harrowing time we just suffered through.

To complete the picture, there are two sextiles to help us — from Pluto to Neptune in the tweflth and from Mars to the Ascendant at 18 Taurus 58 which gives us the keyword of “Unfoldment” from E.C. Matthews, and suggests we have learnt alot from our past travails — literally it means release.

The cradle needs a third helping hand to make sure it does not fall, and we get it from loving Neptune’s hands in Pisces in the eleventh to the ascendant again. Frankly as we head into the first days of summer on Memorial Day, with the East getting record rain and the West record heat, we’re going to have to hold on for Fall — it looks like the best thing on the horizon.

Full Moon at Salt Lake City, Utah

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