Labour Day and the unofficial end of Summer has passed. We are now in the netherworld, no longer Summer but not yet Fall. It’s like a mundane limbo. Thankfully, we have a new moon at 20:51 in New York City tonight to give us some help even if we cannot see it. Sometimes things unseen, but felt, are the best barometer for the seas ahead. I have the past New Moon and this current one together so we can see the changes; it seems I did not do the August New Moon at the time so this will have to suffice.

NEW MOON before September’s Harvest Moon

A new Moon is essentially the opposite of a full Moon. During a full Moon, the part of the Moon illuminated by the Sun, giving the Moon its bright, glowing appearance. During a new Moon,, we see an unilluminated Moon because the Earth is blocking the Sun’s rays; the New Moon is invisible to the naked eye blending in with the sky above.

The biggest difference is Venus last month publicity seeking Venus in the twelfth house of Government was opposite her spiritual dutiful Neptune in the sixth — obviously highlighting the surrender and subsequent pullout of the US in Afghanistan. The Mutable cross was defined by the Nodes, which in the Regiomontanus chart are intercepted — highlighting how the US does not want to handle Afghanistan anymore and would prefer to be free of it and go to domestic issues (sixth house) but the problem here, and that the Cross highlights, is there are still people there.

The answer as we all know was we would ignore the Nodes and their call to duty and just write it off to a “bad period” in US foreign affairs. Alas the Nodes, a minor issue to many people, are not that easily dismissed and whether the US wants it or not, the fallout (Venus ill dignified and under stress) in public affairs (third house) is great.

September New Moon 2021 Taking Charge

In September, Neptune’s Venus’s shadow, takes the stage this time, as he is in opposition to the Sun and the Moon who have taken his place there.

Alas the Sun in Virgo is not its happiest place because Virgo tends to be rather introverted and insular; they convey an unhappy distant demeanour perhaps because the Summer is over and the days are so much shorter and of course the Harvest ahead always portends lots of work — something the Sun prefers to avoid (He is at his detriment in Libra the 7th house). But Neptune is opposite the Sun highlighting the great Sea King’s love of power and desire to rule particularly as he is at home in the twelfth.

Yet the opposition between Neptune and the Sun can distort one’s thinking and delude one that the past is no longer relevant. Past sins, problems may rear their head with an awful ferocity and Neptune will resent any attempt at outsiders (remember the duo is in Virgo) trying to yank his chain and tell him he is wrong and needs to mend his ways. The Great Sea King, and those of us under this New Moon Umbrella, are in for a jittery time as old loves, and affairs point to our foibles and reprimand us for shirking responsibility and ignoring our duty.


While Neptune will encourage your insecurities, and worries about your abilities, you need to face the reality that this is another avoidance pattern and perhaps a defensive mechanism that allows you to procrastinate while seeming noble at the same time.

Solving this problem requires duty to yourself foremost, making your word be meaning, and then of course to others, whether they are found in the personal sphere or public like your work.

Since there is no Grand Cross to help, or a T-Square to alleviate the problem and push it aside, this really is all up to you.

On a personal level, look to see if you are opposing any domination imposed by others — friends, family, work — and whether this is a bad habit.

Do not let your powerful emotions and insecurities (Neptune ill dignified at home) sway you at the detriment of losing all that matters (Sun in the sixth) and becoming a careful laughing stock ala Rip Van Winkle.

Uranus as the focal determinator reminds us that to capitalise on our individuality, we need to determine what standard behaviour is, or what are the fashionable trends in dress and decorum..

As you examine what is acceptable determine what you to conform to and you may need your freedom of expression, don’t use that as a crutch to being irresponsible as eventually you will find yourself a social pariah with friends and family and work writing you off as a “loser.”

Instead, use the opposition as a call to “man up” ( I haven’t a clue what the politically correct version would be though both man and woman do apply to that phrase) and take responsibility for your promises (duties) fulfilling them to the best of your ability. If you need help fine, but don’t let help be your first or default response.

Uranus suggests, and I concur, YOU CAN DO IT. Repeat as necessary.

Over and out– Suki

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