The Hyperion Symbol for Scorpio 27 is the “Fate of the Old King” when continuity is established and handled down through patterns of thoughts and behaviour.  The North Node is in the eighth house and trine the Sun in the fourth, encouraging us to stay home and not fight the dragon head on.  A Qi Gong practitioner I know says it took Wuhan 100 days to fight the demon, if so its 109 days to Fourth of July, and ninety-four to summer and it’s already been about seven.  Hey, looking to the sunny side of the street — we’re almost there.

The Spring of our Discontent¹

Footnote:                                                        1.  Apologies to William Shakespeare and Richard III.

Spring is upon us yet we are all hibernating like bears hoping that if we communally requester the C thing will die all the quicker.  Let’s keep that good thought.

Our Ascendant is 27 Scorpio and both its lords, traditional and modern, are in the second house, the nation’s economy, but neither square Uranus in the fifth, so perhaps there is an urge to be creative with our finances.  They are trine Venus as she shutters the business of America and blows the ill wind of Covid-19 upon us, but again Uranus, the lone ranger of individual defiance, stands strong.  Actually Uranus is “unaspected”, not counting that semi-sextile to the Sun in the fourth and that in reality maybe the best thing for us as we get through this.

From the Sabian point of view, an unaspected planet could be a focal determinator, if so this Springtime Uranus could be the bellweather of a new individual coming forth from the froth of Venus and heralding a self-sufficiency and end of the great global brotherhood.  Anyone up for planting Victory gardens?

It an ill wind that bears no fruit, and C19 seems to recommend this Springtime self-sufficiency, Walden and other historically important but short literature like the Rights of Man, the Declaration of Independence and the granddaddy of the all, the Magna Carta. On your off hours call or write,  another habit long forgotten, to friends and family.  Reach out and touch someone by phone:  reconnect, and finally as the night falls,  remember it is Lent, that period of mediation, recollection and prayer. 

Hey folks — it’s a Spring Break……literally.  Use yours well.


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