Decembe4 21 Grand Conjunction Layout

What is the Grand Conjunction?

This is when at 18:20 on Monday, December 21, 2020 Saturn and Jupiter will almost seem to meld in the sky and be one planet. i.e. they go parallel. Alas for those of us in the United States this is happening about 1:20 AM Tuesday and if you are working that day you may just be asleep. No fear, there will be plenty of Youtubers willing to shoot it for you to view afterwards. Our shot is from NASA.

Astrologically Saturn and Jupiter will be in Aquarius, the sign of modern electronics in the sixth house of work, labor, small animals and service; square Uranus in the tenth house in Taurus. Mercury is a quindecile, the Keplerian one of 22 degrees not the Ricki Reeves one of 165, to Pluto as is the Sun, all in Capricorn but the Grand Trine in Fire is actually dominating this setup: Leo Ascendant to Venus in Sagittarius to Mars in Aries (1-5-9) which Marc Jones cited as a “realization of purpose.” Physically this is a deviated bowl, with the southern and northern halves working on their own, almost like a see-saw but in a bowl layout.

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