Dateline: October 16, 2020 15:30

The new moon was on Friday, October 16, 2020 at 2:30 in the afternoon and was a supermoon, a term coined by Richard Nolle. This occurs when the Full Moon or New Moon happens during the Moon’s closest approach to Earth, its perigee: this is called a supermoon. The next supermoon will be March 9 2021.

The ascendant of 19 Aquarius 26, a large white dove circling overhead, proves to be a carrier with a message and is a symbol of the latent significance of daily life in recognizing the importance of the self. Jones wrote that this is an “exaltation of all individual effort.” We think therefore Donald J. Trump, sr. will win.

Money changes everything

Our chart with its hourglass planetary pattern (that’s the hip word for temperament types, according to the latest astrology books out there) really isn’t, for looks really are deceiving. In truth, a grand trine in earth (Uranus in the second to Jupiter in the twelfth to Venus in the seventh) is hiding underneath & so is a Splash pattern.

How does that affect the election?

Well Venus is money, Chinese money and Hunter Biden’s pocket or as Senator Harris and BLM wants black reparations. Venus is also RBG’s death, and Coney Barrett’s, whom RBG insulted as the “notorious Coney Barrett” (great irony there), appointment and so Venus is women, and finally Venus is COVID-19, the nefarious Wuhan flu, the the sole campaign issue Biden and Harris will discuss.

The problem is the eighth house where Libra resides or foreign relationships, which has become a major focus in this election. A lot of that is because every foreigner on the planet has something, and usually negative to say about US, including Nostradamus’s Black Pope himself, saying that the Wuhan virus was a by-product of capitalism. This revives the old Marxist argument from Dorothee Stefensky-Solle[ fmn/] Theology for Skeptics: Reflections on God c.1968 [/fmn] that capitalist Christians are fascists.

“Neo-liberalism reproduces itself by resorting to magic theories of ‘spillover’ or ‘trickle’ — without using the name — as the only solution to societal problems,” he wrote. “There is little appreciation of the fact that the alleged ‘spillover’ does not resolve the inequality that gives rise to fresh forms of violence threatening the fabric of society.”

Pope Paco’s 2013 Communist encyclical called the Evangelii Gaudium.

The weakest candidate

Inner chart is the October New Moon; Outer Election Day

But the real problem is, whether the Democratic party’s second weakest candidate, win? Peeking ahead to the election, the answer is no. Biden is meat. We project that his base does not appear — the JFK traditional left is a no show, maybe Kanye West, fifth house north node will be the protest vote?

We project the new Democratic party, the hardcore Great Society Marxist (i.e. antiFA, BLM supporters) appears but will only matter in their states (the Pac West, the lost North East and probably Illinois & Colorado).

Peter, brother of Chris, Hitchens

We are attributing this too many things Biden-Harris has said: her insistence on monetary reparations, a direct attack against JFK’s legacy, legalization of prostitution, which she claims is a pro-woman stance, his refusal to say who is SCOTUS candidate would be (the smart money is saying it is former President Barack Obama, pulling a Taft), or if he will expand the Supreme Court [fmn] after this was posted he admitted he is looking at a revolving Supreme Court with no stability as the ideal [/fmn] and finally his insults against small business, those vehicles of independence from corporate and governmental control.

That latter is alienating a lot of traditional FDR-JFK democrats, and a major reason Veep Agard was dropped in favour of Harry S. Truman. Wall Street, is a major benefactor to the Biden Campaign, which has not gone unnoticed by Main Street, the small town businesses that are the bread and butter of Mom & Pop made up of

  • construction (plumbers, electricians, architects and local contractors),
  • hospitality trade (hotels, motels and restaurants),
  • craftspeople (interior decorators)
  • networking-computer services and
  • healthcare (pharmacists, doctors, optometrists, doctors etc.)

These are the people who have suffered the brunt of the COVID-19 lock-downs.

The Great Divorce

The problem is that the Democratic Party’s slow disintegration has finally become manifest as the split between the JFK and LBJ legacy’s has become too obvious to ignore.

For the record, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, the last term of Bill Clinton, are the last Presidents of the traditional New Deal Democratic Party. These men served their country, supported by volunteerism, NASA and space exploration. Look to our header picture and see the difference between them and LBJ’s Great Society that Clinton first term, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden represent. None of them call for either public service or eschewing money for passion. Not one.

Robert Caro, the Great Society’s apologist

This newer wing is a total revamping of JFK’s legacy helped by the guilty Teddy Kennedy who had to revamp his brother’s legacy to protect his drunken murder of Mary Jo Kopechne.

LBJ gave money to the poor without work, unlike FDR who created the WPA, the CCC for people to earn their salary honestly. LBJ’s Democratic party is heavily geared towards violent social change — the BLM antiFA protests have destroyed hundreds of public monuments, supported by tax-paying citizens and encouraging public arm because they dislike the subject. JFK called for civic pride and responsibility.

David Cochrane, the vibrational astrologer and owner of Kepler, Pegasus and Sirius, agrees that the Democratic Party is shifting left. But unlike us, thinks that this is a good thing. His video on this is available for $5.00 here.

Election Turnout

Even ignoring Biden is a babbling senile old man, his gaffes, his crack addled son, and his choice of a running mate that can never be president are all frankly bizarre. I think the poll by Professor Helmut Norpoth is right — it will be a wipeout.

The chart thinks so, though the ninth house of foreign interference is prevalent and hard to deny.

The November 3rd election chart, shows religious groups, along with the anti-CCP supporters turn out in record numbers, galvanized by the Bennett pick, and Trump’s strong anti-CCP China stances. Biden on the other hand, supports more cooperation between US and them. Overall we are calling that the JFK-left will stay home, and hope the Jackass gets the message.


Since this is already ridiculously long, I want to update the previous post about moving the Mundane Charts to another site. That will not happen.

Eugene Johnson is no longer be part of the team. He is available on Facebook. His disagreement with our outlook is too difficult to breach. He will be moving all of his work to his own site, for they will no longer be available here after November 30, 2020. Please make your plans accordingly.

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