What is in the docket?

US Justice Department on Tuesday filed its long-awaited antitrust lawsuit against Google, marking the biggest challenge to big tech in 22 years comparable to the lawsuit against Microsoft Corp filed in 1998 (Bill FOB got away scott-free without even a Chinese Wall implemented) and the 1974 case against AT&T which led to the breakup of the Bell System.

The lawsuit by the law enforcement agency accuses the search giant of maintaining “unlawful monopolies” in its search and advertising businesses. Filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., claims Google has long broken the law in its quest to remain “the gateway to the internet,” and has disadvantaged competitors in an effort to sell more online search ads.

Google’s questionable tactics include a massive contract worth billions of dollars with Apple to make it the default search engine on the iPhone, as well as ensuring that its search engine is pre-loaded onto smartphones using Alphabet’s Android operating system — which runs the majority of phones around the world.

Who joins the suit?

According to an open docket of the case filed Tuesday morning, eleven state attorneys general joined the DOJ as plaintiffs in the case:

  • Arkansas, Florida,
  • Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky,
  • Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri,
  • Montana, South Carolina and Texas.

Google’s stock barely moved following news of the suit. Notably absent are Democratic AGs though Iowa is mulling a suit with Texas on Google’s dominance in the advertising market.

Why is DOJ bringing the suit?

The Mountain View, Calif.-company’s consolidation of market share has “had harmful effects on competition and consumers,” the DOJ said. William Barr called it “a monumental case for the Department of Justice,” and acknowledged that he has personally ensured that it was a “primary commitment” for the DOJ to investigate Google.

On a conference call with reporters, a DOJ official said that “nothing is off the table” when it comes to possible remedies the government will pursue. It added their antitrust lawsuit was unrelated to other probes into the company involving Section 230, calling them “a totally separate set of concerns dealt with by different people in the department.”

Are there any previous Google Lawsuits?

Google was previously the subject of an antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission over its search product, but the agency ended that probe in 2013, despite FTC staff recommending the agency bring a case after reportedly finding “real harm to consumers and innovation.”

The European Commission, fined Google around $5 billion, a pittance to a company whose revenue is $100 Billion a year,  for its conduct related to Android in 2018. . Google in the meantime is appealing.

The DOJ lawsuit chart.

The Google Antitrust Case. The Major issue is Technology in the sixth vs Federal Antitrust in the twelfth. The T-Square ends up at the third house cusp, the home of the media, and that is empty, but its ruler is the same Mercury that is the running the shots in the Twelfth, so it would seem that the news media will remain mute on the issue and try to push it aside. What matters most is who is President, the sun in the eleventh, going forward.

The download chart time is when the antitrust suit came across the AP wires. i am not sure if that is a good time to use or whether the time of the DOJ Briefing is better (9:54) which is the online chart.

The chart is a locomotive which makes sense considering the pointedness of the docket — it has only one aim, stopping Uranus in Taurus from acquiring more power and destroying other search engines. Since this is the bulk of Google’s income, losing this suit would be a major blow.

The ascendant 26 Scorpio 42 has the keyword of “Success by Violence” and is the Sun symbol for the assassinated President James Garfield. The goals of the DOJ are symbolized 9 Virgo 22 Midheaven. Andrea Carelli writes this is the proverbial ” white horse coming to the rescue.” .

But with the election results still up in the air, a Presidential Candidate Biden saying he is going to make Benno Schmidt, the former head of Yale University, the head of his technology force, whether this will come to fruition under Biden anymore than it did under Obama is doubtful.

Header notes:

  • Our header is the Robert F. Kennedy Dept of Justice building in Washington D. C. shot by Wally Gobetz. We thank him for his work and great pic.
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