Does it matter?

This is the chart for the start of Eastern Standard Time, but whether it matters until Eastern Daytime returns in the spring, tickles my mind. Does it matter that a grand trine in earth will dominate these winter months? Or is this chart just another weekly? or a monthly that gives some tone and force to November?

We typically use the solstices and the equinoxes to dominant the future months, but never standard and daylight time changes. Are we as astrologers missing something? The ascendant suggests a “friendly and socialable time” where we “seek new diversions” and are “industrious with many friends” and that the craft of photography dominants. But wouldn’t that be true for the next two months until New Year’s anyway?

Everyone has a set of symbols, but so many do not work. Andrea Carelli’s 26 Taurus for our midheaven suggests a “lonely lady wandering about singing and picking flowers one by one,” telling us that the image is of Matelda in the Purgatorio canto 28. He suggests that our dreams are of being self assured and agreeable, spreading harmony about. He points out that this degree needs to be free.

We’ll see.

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