Slovenia is reopening tonight, but as it shares its border with Italy, which was the start of the pandemic and now is ranked sixth in cases worldwide, it is avoiding those areas. The chart below, a bucket with a Moon handle, shows those fears particularly as the part of fortune at 04 Sagittarius 33 suggests that tourism and travelling is a keen concern as Slovenia as many come to its verdant hills for hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting.

Slovenia, once part of the former Yugoslavia, even has a series of  limestone caves full of stalactites and stalagmites at Škocjan  World Heritage site in 1986..

Slovenia is not alone with its worries about the summer tourist trade and the stellium in the eighth house with Sagittarius and just a sextile away. The thoughts of coronavirus reoccurrence weigh heavily on everyone’s mind.

Perhaps Uranus at 08 Taurus 43 in the twelfth — the symbol of the moon shining across a placid lake — suggests that masks will still be part of the summer apparel. If so, do not wear them too much. If you thought bikini lines looked hideous, facial powder mask lines (keyword sustainment) have to be the pits.


Our header picture is of the Vrsic Pass, in Slovenia’s alpine mountains. It is a favorite mountain drive.

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