Native Americans Circle of Honour in Washington DC

Once is not enough

Our header picture is of the National Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. for Veterans Day last Wednesday. As always, thank you for your and all veterans’ service. Since Election Day has come and passed, and we still have no declared presidential winner, we look to the chart to give some direction. Mars, always wanting to be first, here is found in the eighth house of death and taxes suggesting Biden will be the one, Trump has nothing in Scorpio while Biden has a stellium, in Scorpio, and the transitting Mars is two degrees away from his natal Mars. But the nodal moon in Gemini in the tenth is in its exaltation in the sign of the twins, suggesting after lots of anxiety and some amount of courage, the victor will stand supreme and while Mars points to Biden, the node points to Trump. Obviously they cannot both be right, hence our dilemma.

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Gemini compounds this being an air sign in the tenth and so not naturally welcome; there is nothing in Aquarius in the sixth and Uranus in the ninth is in its fall all suggest that the real problem is the new voting method that should obviously be scrapped and a return (Gemini likes do-overs) to hand counting. But as voting is in the province of governors, perhaps we should look to the eleventh house for a sign. Nothing there, so turning to its ruler on the Moon, it is in the third house and its fall suggesting that the governors will “fall down” on the job. I suspect after a long tussle, nothing will change from today’s status, but it will take a lot of anxiety and hopes and wish that they will.

Full Beaver Moon

The Full Beaver Moon, the ascendant, and the part of fortune are mated at 01 Virgo 26. That though, is expected at a new moon: no surprise there. We get the symbol of a “simple but impressively large white cross set up on top of a commanding view,” representing man’s individuality being at odds with his surroundings, and his eventual mastery of it. Frankly, I see little coming out of that in the near term. Charubel, never a hopeful seer, has the ascendant as “a man peeping around a corner at a company of armed men who are reconnoitring.” Is this Trump or Biden? Looking at their charts, you can see that this could be. But to be honest, this one favors the President.

In Pennsylvania, they rolled these machines out for the first time on Election Day. Neither my husband nor I got a receipt of what we voted, and many other people complained about this too. There was nothing the people working the election could do about that.

More Chart highlights

  • It is a sloppy locomotive, nothing is really in charge, and that may be because while Biden’s is commanding the third house of newspapers and media, while Trump’s ascendant (Leo 28) is intercepted busy coordinating an election plan. That does not seem to be in his best interest, and the chart agrees with Rush Limbaugh and Victor Davis Hanson’s calling for an Election Czar. 1 A week later he agreed to that, nothing happened.
  • We have several groups: one in the third house at Scorpio (the media) and the other a sextile away in the fifth (scandals brewing, perhaps hinting of the PBS report on Canada’s Dominion Voting Machines ; the CEO is now in Biden’s transition team and those machines are at the heart of the Trump’s election problems) 2 Nothing came of that either .

Mars suggests

  • Mars is found its domicile in Aries and accidentally exalted in Scorpio in the eighth.
  • Notable aspects the red planet is making
    • Mars is opposite Sidney Katherine Powell’s, who just joined the Trump legal team, Sun.
    • Mars is sextile the 1776 Independence Day Moon at 18 Aquarius 10.
      • I imagine it is pointing that the controversy over the election, still in progress, though one of the Georgia senate seats has been called for Rev. Raphael Warnock. But then I heard more “ballots were found in Georgia” so maybe that’s wrong too.

Notes: I updated this post on April 1, 2021 when I realized the monument shot was missing. I updated the post to reflect the latest news though did not change that the chart was not showing a clear winner just more investigation. That was done, nothing came of that either, I think the Moon in its fall exerted a far greater effect than I realized.


  • 1
    A week later he agreed to that, nothing happened.
  • 2
    Nothing came of that either
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