download this week chart: march 19 2018

Sunday March 18, 2018
Venus square Black Moon 10AM EDT,
Mars enters tropical Capricorn 5:01PM EDT,
Sun conjunct Chiron 7:14PM EDT,       (rivals appear)

Venus contra-parallel Juno 8:42PM EDT   (and jealousy may be a problem)

Monday March 19, 2018

Ceres stations direct 00:13AM EDT,      (a good day to play catchup )

Hades stations direct 12:35PM EDT      (and clear outstanding issues)

Tuesday March 20, 2018

Mercury conjunct Venus 00:02AM EDT,
Sun trine Vulcanus 2:06AM EDT         (the need for harmony in the short term)
         sextile Admetos 4:14AM EDT
Sun square Cupido 9:08AM EDT  (   Personal will is challenged by group dynamics;  home themes)



Wednesday March 21, 2018

Sun enters tropical Aries 4:35AM EDT,
Neptune parallel Hygiea 5:16AM EDT,         (Spring is in the air, pollen too)
Mars sextile Apollon 2:36PM EDT,                 (make plans for the season)
Uranus contra-parallel Pallas 5:36PM EDT,   (but what’s the goal?)

Thursday March 22, 2018

Uranus trine Vesta 00:58AM EDT,                      (a disruption to vision)
Venus contra-parallel Hygeia 7:49AM EDT       (a stalemate as other things jockey position)
                                 opposes Zeus 10:22AM EDT,
Venus contra-parallel Neptune 2:29PM EDT,
Mercury contra-parallel Pallas 6:59PM EDT,   (be careful)
Sun quincunx Apollon 8:12PM EDT

Mercury stations retrograde 8:18PM EDT

Friday March 23, 2018

Venus square Pluto 7:16PM EDT,

Venus contra-parallel Zeus 11:26PM EDT           (priorities need to be included in plans)

Saturday March 24, 2018

Kronos stations direct 9:44AM EDT,       (father figures, older brothers demand their due)

Sun square Mars 12:07PM EDT

Sunday March 25, 2018  – Palm Sunday – Roman Catholic and Protestant

Venus quincunx Jupiter 5:07AM EDT,
Uranus contra-parallel Astraea 5:43AM EDT,  ( the vision is off)
Sun trine Ceres 10:02AM EDT,                             (because you’re not paying attention)
Saturn sextile Hygeia 7:26PM EDT,
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