The full Pink Moon peaks this weekend on Sunday, April 29, at 8:58 p.m. EDT (0058 GMT on April 30).  Those of us in the NYC vicinity will see the  nearly full moon rise at 7:31 p.m. EDT sharing some sky-space with the Taurean Sun, according to

pink moon 2018.jpg

April 29 2018
9:00 PM Time Zone is PDT
Tarzana, California


Rising Sign is in 27 Degrees Scorpio giving us a Southern based bowl and a t-square with a point focus at the North Node in the ninth house. that tells us that horse-racing (opening day at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby)  & school issues particularly when relating to small children.

Other things that may beckon are long distance travel, communications with elder brothers or sisters, and a refound interest in athletics like golfing and tennis or outdoor shooting — things that require hand and eye coordination and are out of doors.  On the downside be careful of being scatterbrained, trying to accomplish too much, playing the drama queen and being temperamental as those tendencies are a bit easier to evoke right now.


In the political arena there will be lots of op-ed pieces against Trump and his foreign treaty with Korea and it’s legal implications that bode poorly for America.



  • Sun is in 09 Degrees Taurus. 
  • Moon is in 11 Degrees Scorpio. 
  • Mercury is in 12 Degrees Aries. 
  • Venus is in 06 Degrees Gemini. 
  • Mars is in 23 Degrees Capricorn. 
  • Jupiter is in 19 Degrees Scorpio. 
  • Saturn is in 09 Degrees Capricorn. 
  • Uranus is in 29 Degrees Aries. 
  • Neptune is in 15 Degrees Pisces. 
  • Pluto is in 21 Degrees Capricorn. 
  • N. Node is in 10 Degrees Leo. 
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