This week we land in Olympia the Capitol of Washington and 118 miles from where Marc & Priscilla Jones lived — he loved the state. Our header shot is from an antique photograph of his favorite place rain or shine, Stanwood, Washington.

olympia 2018.png
The original map was for the wrong year — 2017 not 2018.  Sorry about that.

As for our chart, it squeals Vacation.  From the Sun trine Moon where we are putting a lot of effort into making it a success, to the Venus opposite the Moon wondering for those still at work why our commute could not always be so swift.   Squares are everywhere in the map, so the lines are horrible,  the weather too rainy or cloudy and sometimes just too hot reminding us that we have grown accustomed to the a/c life, but there are plenty of  sextiles & novile to save the day, and tell us  “we’re having fun!”  We just won’t know that until it’s over.

As the week wears on, traffic will mount as you will find where ever you want to be , so does the rest of the planet.  Don’t let tempers flare or disappointments ruin the event.

Overall, we have a locomotive as we thoughtlessly plunge headlong into the holiday experience.  It’s better with friends and family, so hook up with some when you can, otherwise make them for memories.

P.S. Bring along extra chargers or batteries.  You never can have enough.


Wish you were here

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