hurdle mills nc

We have stellium of Pisces in the Sixth House in the Bowl corresponding  to the laboring classes and volunteers  and so rules employment, unemployment and wage conditions.  With the Part of Fortune in the Tenth House at 15 Cancer trine our newly birthed Piscean Sun, and heralding the beginning of tax season.  Our ascendant at 29 Virgo is at a critical degree telling us that this is a time of “discovery” as you peruse your paperwork you may find out that your “estimated taxes” are not going to do the job, too many surprises,  or a long research project finally yields fruit in unexpected ways.

Our Moon in Taurus opposite Jupiter in the second house with the south node as point focus in the fifth house.  This is a little touchier as “betrayal”  take the spot particularly involving  may come to light that is another discovery, but one that is not as easily reconciled as it deals with personal loyalty  and acknowledgement– [Aquarius is loyalty in the 16th degree of  the big businessman at his desk according to the Sabian Symbols].

Our picture is of Durham near our local Hurdle Mills, North Carolina.

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