Two of the five bright planets – Saturn and Mercury – are evening planets, but only Saturn is clearly visible after nightfall in early November, 2017.  Right before Thanksgiving, on November 13th, Venus (at 08 Scorpio) will be exact to Jupiter and be like a “Moon shining on a lake unveiling everyone’s darkest secrets.”  We base our chart at   Colorado Springs, Colorado.

venus conjunct jupiter.png
The chart is from the Cochrane’s Kepler Software.

We mention this conjunction because it highlights “amorous liaisons.” According to the late C. E. O. Carter it very often shows up in celebrities’ charts because they rise to the top of their field  because of their “sex appeal.”

Two prominent people that have this aspect is  Disraeli of England (see here for that chart) and Mussolini of Italy, both known for having many women admirers, including for the former, Queen Victoria.

With the Sun (22 Scorpio or Hunters starting out for ducks) right next to this amorous pair —  all btw in the first house —  we think that the sudden unmasking of many prominent people will be the talk of the town.  Stay tuned.

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