Sunday March 11, 2017

  • Mercury square Saturn 2AM EDT,
  • Mars trine Uranus 7:22AM EDT,                  *busier than you thought
  • Sun sextile Pluto 7:56AM EDT,
  • Venus square Hades 12:53PM EDT
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Monday March 12, 2017

  • Pluto trine Pallas 9:47AM EDT,
  • Mercury square Kronos 12:46PM EDT

Tuesday March 13, 2017

  • Saturn sextile Juno 1:54AM EDT,
  • Mercury contra-parallel Juno 5:53AM EDT.
  • Venus contra-parallel Eris 7:32AM EDT.
    • and square Saturn 8:39AM EDT.                       **a discordant day
  • Venus parallel Chiron 3:31PM EDT.

  • Sun trine Jupiter 4:05PM EDT
trenton 2018-03-12_17-50-44.png

Wednesday March 14, 2017

  • Sun contra-parallel Venus 1:07AM EDT,
  • Mars square Chiron 2:09AM EDT,
  • Sun contra-parallel Chiron 12:25PM EDT,
  • Venus square Kronos 7:05PM EDT

Thursday March 15, 2017

  • Sun parallel Eris 00:29AM EDT,
  • Mercury contra-parallel Neptune 3:06AM EDT
    • and sextile South Node 5:09AM EDT,
  • Sun square Vesta 6:27AM EDT,                       * a day of personal sacrifice.
  • Sun enters sidereal Pisces 11:28AM EDT,
  • Mercury quincunx Poseidon 11:34AM EDT,
  • Vesta enters sidereal Sagittarius 9:25PM EDT

Friday March 16, 2017

  • Mercury contra-parallel Zeus 5:39AM EDT
    • and contra-parallel Hygeia 5:53AM EDT,
  • Mercury square Black Moon 11:35AM EDT,
  • Mars goes out of bounds 4:08:31PM EDT,
  • Mars quincunx Vulcanus 7:51PM EDT,
  • Jupiter opposes Pallas 8:26PM EDT,
  • Mars quincunx Admetos 9:44PM EDT

Saturday March 17, 2017

  • Venus sextile South Node 5:03AM EDT,
  • Mars conjunct Cupido 6:38AM EDT,
  • New Moon 9:11AM EDT at 26°Pi53’Trop,
  • Venus quincunx Poseidon 11:56AM EDT,
  • Mars enters tropical Capricorn 12:40PM EDT

Sunday March 18, 2017

  • Venus square Black Moon 10:00AM EDT,
  • Sun conjunct Chiron 7:14PM EDT,
  • Venus contra-parallel Juno 8:42PM EDT

thomas kean governor.png
Governor Tom Kean’s rectified chart.

Former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean was born in New York City to a long line of New Jersey politicians and Dutch Americans. His father, Robert Kean, was a U.S. Representative. His grandfather Hamilton Fish Kean and great-uncle John Kean both served as U.S. Senators. His second great-uncle was Hamilton Fish, a U.S. Senator, Governor of New York, and the 26th U.S. Secretary of State. His most illustrious relative was William Livingston, a delegate to the Continental Congress and the first Governor of New Jersey — Governor Kean and his wife live in Livingston, New Jersey still.

next week is the Granite State of New Hampshire and we finish this quarter in Ole Virginny

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