The  pattern of extreme weather shows no signs of relenting as two quakes struck Fiji, but the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says there is little threat of a tsunami after the initial 6.5 magnitude earthquake despite Fiji being in the Ring of Fire.  The first occurred  at 2.20pm FJST (Fiji Summer Time) though Janus feels it was Fiji standard time and the chart shows their view. There is nothing in the chart, shown for the capitol Suva, that makes this a major quake.

Indeed, the quake itself occurred at a depth of 104 km (64 miles), south of the capitol in the South Pacific ocean, the Hawaii-based PTWC said. There was another second, and smaller, quake registering 289km north of Ndoi island. It was about 579km deep.

Papua New Guinea was also struck by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday morning, but there are no times recorded as of now. When I get it, I will create a chart for that quake. All three are on in the Southern Hemisphere, and there were no lives lost, at least from what the latest reports, but they are also in the Ring of Fire– so is California.

The eclipse connection

–according to William Lilly, an astrologer par excellence, earthquakes are quite common after an eclipse, which of course was the Great American Eclipse of August 21st, which began near Newport, Oregon at 1:16 PM EDT and ended near Charleston, South Carolina at 2:48 PM EDT. The distance from Newport to Fiji is about 6,791.28 mi (10,929.51 km) with the midpoint in the Pacific Ocean about 150 miles south of Honolulu.

As the eclipse effect is measured from one eclipse to the next or within six months, this earthquake does fit in the pattern and as previously noted, Fiji is in the Ring of Fire making it prone to them.

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