“In Kodiak, they’ve activated their sirens,” said Jeremy Zidek, of the Alaska Div. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “The harbor master reported a wave did come in, but it was not a significant wave.” At least nine communities have evacuation orders in place. Zidek said while the initial reports don’t show shake damage just yet in Alaska, he implores people to follow community-issued evacuation warnings.

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The initial quake was initially estimated to be somewhere in the range of magnitude 8.0 and to have taken place about 12 miles below sea level in the Gulf of Alaska. The severity has dropped to M7.9 following U.S. Geological Survey review.  The tsunami warning has been lifted. You can download the Chart with full Asteroids and Trans Neptunians Kodiak  January 23 2018

The gold star marks the spot of the earthquake.

That’s a huge difference in magnitude from the Good Friday earthquake Kodiak, 74 miles south of Anchorage, got back on March 27 1964. That one measured 9.2 on the Richter scale and caused 131 deaths, and why Kodiak is a little more wary than most Alaska towns of Neptune’s thunder. 

                            The Map of the Quake

ORIGINAL STORY, 12:52 a.m. – A powerful earthquake, with an initial estimated magnitude of 8.2, struck southeast of Alaska shores shortly after 12:30 a.m. Tuesday.  We orginally posted 2:30 which was incorrect but Mr. Ivey Henderson notified us of the discrepancy.  We are quite thankful.

kodiak 2018.png

There is a preponderance of planets in Capricorn in the Third house of short messages flowing into the Fourth House of home and death, but cardinal Capricorn is not as strong an “earthquake” sign as fixed Taurus is and so this chart suggests that it would not affect loss of life.

The last big earthquake to hit Kodiak in 1964. Photo from The Atlantic Magazine.

The January Full Moon – Eclipse is but a week away, questioning the New York Times rebuttal of that phenomenon, and this  earthquake takes place in the crescent phase of the Moon: the Full Moon is next.  The last major earthquake in Alaska was highlighted in the aforementioned Times article and happened on March 27, 1964, the chart for that one is in the NYT rebuttal essay above.

The Ascendant is trine Neptune, the Roman version of the Greek Poseidon, and the god of earthquakes in the Fifth house suggesting that this earthquake may not take the standard approach and be creative in its next attack.  Pluto is opposite the Mid-heaven suggesting that it was slower in buildup that should also be minor but remember these are general guidelines, not certainty — it is better to be like the Boy Scouts and  “Always be prepared ” particularly if you are in Ring of Fire and below Alaska.  

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