The court is scheduled for an hourlong oral argument for Tuesday in San Francisco, California at 3:30 pm on the Immigration Edict that is being challenged by the Attorney General of the states of Washington & Minnesota.

The administration’s brief was the last in a series of urgent pleas to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, which is now set to rule on the most ambitious and disruptive initiative of Mr. Trump’s young presidency. The ruling will almost certainly be followed by an appeal unless surprisingly, the 9th knocks it back.

The Justice Department on Monday evening is urging  a federal appeals court to reinstate President Trump’s targeted travel ban, saying the immediate action was needed to ensure the nation’s safety.  The ban affects 60,000 Immigrants.

From the Mundane perspective, viewing the Horary Chart of this event, we see that it is a Bucket Temperament Type with the Moon Handle at 9.30  in the twelfth house of Welfare exalted by being found in its own house.  This makes sense since the issue from the Trump Administration point of view is that it is highlighting just immigrants from known terrorist countries.  Exile, terrorism,&  jail are all covered by the twelfth house.

It does have an interesting correlation from the Attorney General of the USA who feels those arguments are more about President Trump overstepping his boundaries, shown by Moon opposite Pluto in Capricorn 18.12 in the 7th house.  The Lord of Capricorn is ound in the sixth house, there is an of civil servants, Military, and national defense, basically telling us that this is an insurrection (Plutonian energy) by government employees against their Chief.

The Line of Efficiency of Venus conjunct Mars at the Midheaven tells there is a high interest in the case particularly from the President and the Justice Department who is representing the government’s case, but also the Media who as fourth estate is found also residing there.  It’s Lord is also found there, Mars, and is trine the sixth house, so it like a house divided against itself.

Viewing the T-Cross at Jupiter in the fourth at 23.8 Libra, is the keyword “Watchfulness.”  It has the symbol of “An open window blowing its curtains into the wind,” which is apropos for the whole scenario.  In it’s negative form, it portrays a petty self-important figure dispensing favours; in reality it can be used by the defense or the prosecution just as curtains blow one way now and another way later.

The Grand Cardinal Trine, that creates an organizing aspect, suggests that this issue will not die easily, &  Uranus at 21.15 Aries concurs that this is an unstable situation, just like the blowing curtain — things will never be static unless the window gets closed.

Charubel, the Welsh mystic, describes this as an amusement hall, which we guess for those fascinated by the push-pull of headlines and talking heads, works too.  But in the short term, the fixed star, Baten Kaitos, portends downfall for the Trump administration and bitter humiliation.  Long term, we would bet on Scotus (Pluto at the Square is Lord of Scorpio and rules the 4th House or the head of US legislature Federal Affairs)  getting the case; there looks like nothing at the State level will solve this.

Download the chart of the frisco-appeal-2-7-2017

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