On February 18, 1930, the off and on again planet  Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto. We’re wishing the hidden planet a happy birthday.

With the Omricon Variant rearing its head, it makes sense that we can view the 4 December eclipse from Capetown, South Africa, since it supposedly comes from there. Perhaps the

I finished NaNoWriMo yesterday, making for a bittersweet November, so today looking at the charts, I went to Vegas for the Raiders victory — one of the football games for

The hit, by Muhammad Atta and gang, on the WTC officially 8:46:40 according to Columbia University’s Seismological Center located up in Morningside Heights probably about 8 miles away from the

We’re black for our friends, coworkers and family, the First Defenders who sacrificed their lives against the Terror on September 11th 2001. (The original Chart is here.) …God Bless them

Today is Veterans’ Day, a celebration of all those who served our country. Originally it was just for the dead and missing, but in 1954 Congress expanded it to everyone

Labour Day and the unofficial end of Summer has passed. We are now in the netherworld, no longer Summer but not yet Fall. It’s like a mundane limbo. Thankfully, we

Well, Joyce’s method nailed the winner, the great Essential Quality but 2-5 odds or 2.10 he did not pay. Some though like a “sure thing” but a $1000 to get

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