Jupiter and The Nazis by Gary Noel

Astrological researcher and statistician Michel Gauquelin studied the birth charts of prominent Nazis several decades ago. Of 508 generals, dignitaries and chiefs, 118 entered the world when Jupiter had reached ascendancy or the upper culmination in what we now call Gauquelin power zones.

Gauquelin also felt that this demonstrated the Law of Statistical Averages, he wrote that there should have been no more than 83. That precept is actually is a fallacy because there is no mathematical requirement that short-term balances must occur and correspondingly no Law of Averages.

This is also called the Gambler’s Fallacy that eventually if you play enough, you have to win because the lottery eventually will even out. Wrong. The lottery, like birth days, is a random game and one can play a 1000 times and the number #34 never appear. Aleksandr Pushkin remarked upon this over two hundred years ago in his short story, The Queen of Spades. Get it here, it’s worth the time.

Jupiter and Mass Hysteria

Historically, Gauquelin noted that there was a high amount of Jupiterians in the French Resistance. Being a socialist and pro-Revolution, Gauquelin thought that being a Jupiterian might be the only way to resist Jupiterian tyranny.

In 1944, Himmler, a Jupiterian (he has a Pisces Ascendant) supervised numerous mass murders, with Hitler’s permission. He bragged he had seen 6 million Jews die, this revelation was met with thunderous applause. Later on, before a group of navy leaders, Himmler boasted of murdering women and children too.

Early in his life, Hitler had nothing against the Jewish people. When his mother died, he told the Jewish doctor who treated her that he would be forever grateful for the care he had given her. Hitler kept his word. Even after the Nazis came into power, Dr. Bloch enjoyed privileges not granted to other Jews. What changed Hitler was his belief that Germany lost World War I because World Jewry sabotaged the war effort, and he could not forgive them for what happened to Germany and the German people afterward. Many think it was this belief, that is is the genesis of his abhorrence of Jews.

Gauquelin Power Settings

Gauquelin vs Cayce

Gauquelin attributed Hitler’s tyrannical nature to the fact he was born with Jupiter near the IC in a zone of moderate influence. Hitler had Uranus in a major power zone but Gauquelin found no link between Uranus and personality.

Psychic Edgar Cayce, however, called Uranus the planet of extremes and to him, Hitler was a Uranian. as the planet was near his Ascendant. Cayce noted that Himmler also a combination of Uranus and Jupiter, and both planets were conjoined in a primary power zone right at the midheaven in the Tenth house. Cayce’s idea, that the marriage of Uranus and Jupiter is a strong one, and perhaps something to check. I think he is onto something here.

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