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Kate Winslet was born Kate Elizabeth Winslet to an acting family on October 5, 1975 at 7:15 am giving her the ascendant of 12 Libra, Miners emerging from a mine. This rising symbol shows her curiosity and indomitable self-confidence that is the real strength of her personality. Opposite her Jupiter in Aries making it rather difficult for her to keep weight off while her Mars in Gemini makes her high-strung, a true Hollywood prima-donna that is very demanding to get on with (she’s on her third marriage). 

Despite those drawbacks, her friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio is more the exception than the rule.  With  her Venus in Virgo, a steadfast earth sign, she is a loyal friend, particularly towards those she has met in her line of work and whom she has high regard — this setup also makes her rather choosy about whom to befriend. 

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Riding the seas of inspiration

Her Neptune in the Second house shows that through her acting career, she will be successful — but what’s really insightful here is Neptune rules the seas, and Ms. Winslet started her career in James Cameron’s Titanic (see our write  up on the real ocean liner here).  It was truly a great career move.  Teamed with her Saturn in Leo, she works hard at learning and mastering her craft.


Her North Node in Scorpio is on the path of knowing and shows how much Ms. Winslet needs to explore the depths of relationship.  Perhaps that explains her several marriages, for once she really gets to know someone they hold no allure for her.

Reversing Anglin

Despite her  predominant element being air and so she tends to over think situations,  her strong Cardinal quadrature emphasis makes her great initiator in picking the right team to make her look good and be successful and her Grand Trine in Fire (Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn) makes her want to try different things like acting, producing and directing, compare her chart to Margaret Anglin’s where instead of air we have water — better for an actress — but another Grand Trine in Fire that pushes them to try different roles in the theatre.

While it is no wonder she  has won 3 BAFTAs, 1 Academy Award and 7 Nominations and 4 Golden Globes and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that huge gaping hole at the bottom of her Splash points to potential problems in her home and creative life hinting the easy pickings maybe fewer in the future.

Astrologically Kate

  • Lady Kate a Grand trine in Fire.
  • She is a LOCOMOTIVE Temperament Type.
  • She is a Triple Libra — her Ascendant, Moon and Sun are all in Libra.
  • Venus is exalted in Pisces and in its fall in Virgo, making her sexually good looking.
  • The Sun rules Aries and is in its detriment in Libra showing she probably does not have long-lasting marriages. Her latest marriage to Sir Richard Branson’s nephew, Ned RockNRoll, at ten years is the longest of her three.
  • Her Dynamic Aptitude is between Saturn and Uranus.’

Jones Aspectual Departments.

  • Line of Vitality (the two luminaries). CONJUNCT.
    • This aspect is not a barometer of a long life but how self-sufficient someone is.
      • For Lady Kate this takes on a prominent place in her life. She needs to understand and know the whole process of acting and her family life. This of course can make her over-extended, which is perhaps why she has said she is not interested in London Stage at this point in her life while her children are still of school age.
  • Line of Motivation (Jupiter and Saturn). BI-SEPTILE.
    • Marc Jones renamed this aspect PERSONALITY because its meaning is at such variance with the meaning of motivation. So, there will be a change from Motivation to Personality though I may not get to all the posts where Motivation is remarked for a while.
      • For Lady Kate, Her Line of Personality is where she ATTRACTS the right people to help her succeed.
  • Line of Efficiency (Mars to Venus) SEXTILE.
    • This aspect measures one’s practicality. For Lady Kate she is opportunistic and takes advantage of people and things that can help make her daily life easier.
    • SOCIAL Significance was another term that bit the dust and was renamed CULTURE, for similar reasons — it makes more sense. For Lady Kate, she is resourceful towards modern life piggy backing on the idea of the Sextil Line of Efficiency that to make something work one may have to use different tools than one is accustomed, and hence resourceful.


This chart was updated on January 22, 2021 to include the Jones Departments and Astrological Highlights, both of which were missing. Other changes were for simplicity or grammar. If you found this essay helpful. please give it a like, or better yet, recommend it to a friend. Thanks.

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