Rachel and Susan in Northampton, Massachusetts
  • Her parents are Robert Maddow, born May 1943, who is a former U.S. Air Force captain, and retired attorney, and Canadian Elaine Gosse Maddow, a school program administrator.
    • The Maddow name hails from her great-great-grandfather who came here from Poltava, Ukraine/Poland  with his four young sons.
      • Their original surname was Medwedof.
    • His son, her great-grandfather married a woman of Dutch descent.
    • She has one brother.
  • She was brought up in a very conservative catholic community.
  • Education.
    • She went to Castro Valley High School, California where she was very active in sports like volleyball, basketball and swimming.
      • Both volleyball and basketball are “net” sports high in defense.
    • She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in public policy in 1994 where she came publicly came out.
    • She earned a Rhodes Scholarship and joined Lincoln College, Oxford in 1995.
    • She received her Doctor of Philosophy in politics from Oxford University in 2001.
  • She lives with Susan Mikula, a photographer who is fifteen years older than her.
  • She is worth 12.5 million dollars.
  • Fishing is her favorite hobby.

THE sign Cancer begins the maternal trinity. It is the first of the watery triplicity and the second of the cardinal signs. It governs the breast and stomach and is is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, and governs all home and domestic affairs in which the feelings play a prominent part.

Persons born in this sign are characterised as being slow but sure. They are best described by the crab, whose tenacity is proverbial; this creature moves forward by going backward, and it is looked upon as a sign of retrogression. The dominant feature, however, of this sign is the power of retentive memory. The Cancer individual has the most remarkable memory of any given by the twelve signs, and it is no difficulty for them to recall minute incidents of the past.

Maddow says that she loves having the Massachusetts refuge from her weekday life in New York….HuffPo

Cancerians i.e. Cancer rising, tend to be somewhat antiquated, as they love to dwell on past events, or to go over in their memory through past occurrences, and through this they often become somewhat limited and hindered, particularly where attachment to family is prominent in the life. Their highly sensitive nature makes them feel very keenly everything that affects the other members of the family, and for them domestic affairs become a kind of brake on their own individual progress.

They are rather approbative — love to be approved of, and always yearn for the sympathy of others. They are very timid, reserved, and shy, and fear ridicule or disapproval very much, and this makes them somewhat conventional, with a great dread and fear of public opinion. This binds them to their clan or sect and makes them aware “Caste.”

Rachel Maddow – in her own words is a mannish lesbian policy wonk who doesn’t own a television set – & is not your average anchorwoman in America, or indeed on this side of the Atlantic. …The Guardian

When fully individualised these persons are remarkable for their imagination
but on the personal side of their life,  they become very fanciful, romantic, superstitious, and fond of the unseen. From sensation they work through feeling to the highest emotional, and it  is there that they are  truly wonderful people.  Unfortunately this  may carry them into the worst forms of sensationalism; being exceedingly sensitive and overly dramatic about their feelings  being easily wounded.

They possess a psychic gift in their feelings, being able easily to feel the impressions around them. They are economical and very fond of saving, a trait that runs into almost
all the details of their life: fond of saving letters, books, and all kinds of curios. They hoard to a remarkable extent, being fond of all that is antique and connected with age and the past. On the personal level, they are  inactive and inclined to be indolent and somewhat grasping.

When fully individualised,  these persons possess a great love of power, and once having gained it they can hold it. They are not so ambitious as they are lovers of fame and public recognition, and they desire this most:  world-wide approval. They can rake up from the past things that others have long forgotten.

The irony is, perhaps, that part of her success is exactly because she doesn’t look like all the other cookie-cutter women on television. She is 6ft tall and boyish (so much so that for a radio show stunt she was once persuaded to go out onto the street and ask people to guess what gender she was).

“It’s true. I am an unusual-looking person. Maybe people tell themselves: ‘Well, she isn’t getting by on her looks, for sure. Maybe she’s got something to say.'”…The Guardian

As this sign governs the stomach, this organ will be a sensitive part of the system, and when the personal element is strong, we shall find these persons suffering from weak digestion and gastric troubles. They require to be careful in diet, there being a tendency to suffer from indigestion & fermentation in the stomach.

Worry and anxiety with them are frequent causes of indigestion, which produces a defective circulation, and brings in its train’ constipation, congestion, rheumatism and chronic disorders. They are liable to suffer from fancied ailments, and to become hypochondriac.

They are nervous when ailing, and fear the worst results of any functional disorders, and in this respect they become so morbid that they actually produce the illness they imagine themselves suffering from. The cure is a healthy imagination and freedom from all anxiety, especially regarding domestic aflairs.  

They make splendid historians, being able to write up the past with a comparative accuracy. As the Aries types would do well as leaders in the military world, as captains, generals, etc., so will the Cancer types do well as naval captains and in all professions connected with the sea. They make excellent midwives…researchers, stewardesses, and succeed best in all matters of a fluctuating and public nature, &  in commodities that change hands often,. Career wise, they embrace catering for the masses, and  should be engaged in professions in which the general public are largely concerned

In summarising the character of  the Cancerian portion of humanity, we may best illustrate the character of this type by observing that tenacity is one of their chief characteristics. They are very reserved and sensitive, sympathetic and tenacious, persistent and impatient, impressionable and emotional.

It is necessary for them to become at times what the world calls selfish so they may protect their individuality, but once this has been attained they are self-possessed, self-reliant and strong characters, in which power  becomes the marked feature.

This sign completes the first four signs in the zodiac, in which the four triplicities, fire, earth, air and water, co-mingle, as it were; it is symbolic of the film or Theosophic auric egg  that contains the whole.

Download the chart here.R_Maddow_

                         A Yod and a Mutable Grand Cross


This article was basically written to demonstrate that Ms. Maddow’s public persona support her Cancer ascendant, but while looking at her chart, I did notice that her yod’s midpoint ended right on her eighth-ninth house cusp:  the intersection of religion and politics shown on the chart by the Sun and Mercury conjunct. (see the pink triangle)

                                          The Separatism of the  Yod Midpoint

It’s interesting because Ms. Maddow says she “came out” at Stanford, ruled by the Ninth House of higher education, as the ninth house midpoint of the Sun/Mercury dynamic also suggests she has a great need to see herself as part of a “universal whole; ”  hence the mistaken idea that she has Aquarian rising. Another striking thing that would allow a mistaken Aquarian rising, is that she is a Bucket temperament type with a Saturn (the Lord of Aquarius) handle that resides in her eleventh house of friends and networking, the natural house of Aquarius.With Saturn found in its own home, that would intensify the Saturnian aspects about her:  the dark colouring, the stark & genderless Aquarian appearance.  Saturn also plays into her mutable Grand Cross, and finally, Ceres are an exact conjunction.

With the Sun/Mercury on the cusp, this makes her vociferous in projecting her ideas, philosophies, but also her fears (being outted in the paper before she told her family) thereby gaining comfort from her inadequacies by sharing them with others.

Rachel with  blonde dye job from her high school yearbook.From HuffPo

Many people who have ninth house midpoints in their nod, tend to be “separatists,” feeling that they differ from the world around them and not understanding why, or they react strongly to prejudice either aimed at themselves or towards groups that they are sympathetic towards.  An example here is her work at an AIDS crisis center in high school, which she says, allowed her sexuality to first awaken.

                                                               The Mutable Grand Cross

The Mutable Grand Cross, outlined in aqua, is made of the Moon to Pluto, highlighting a need to upset people’s precognitions, and then from the asteroids Ceres to Vesta — a problem of needing to be nourished and wanting to remain aloof and untouched.  Ironically, these  two asteroids were recently discussed.

Ceres is found here in her fifth house of Sagittarius a sign of distribution and trine her ninth house cusp.  This encourages her to be the pursuer in love and not the  damsel in distress, but more of the shining knight yearning to save someone & be their hero.  That desire though, is caught between the push-pull dynamic of Vesta (dedication) in Gemini, a sign of participation. Perhaps her part time relationship with Ms. Mikula fills that need, being dedicated to her work and not fully involved in a partnership.


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  2. On Cancer from Alan Leo, Astrology for All, c. 1899, London, United Kingdom.

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