Moses Farrow is one of the children that Mia Farrow and Woody Allen adopted over 40 years ago. Like his sister, Soon-Yi Previn he was born in Korea. Mia has been upset that her son support Woody and Soon Yi and not her. Some theories have been Woody’s interference with the boy, though he adamantly denies that. Others a Korean bond with Soon-Yi, no comment there. And finally a third just a wish for attention. All are possible and I wondered what his chart, somewhat rectified but with so little to go it’s hard to say that this is perfect.

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Moses was born on Wolfgang Mozart’s birthday, so Mia and Woody named him after that musician; Woody tends to do that. Both his adopted daughters with Soon-Yi have jazz musicians for names. His only biological child, now called Ronan Farrow, is the exception as he was named for a baseball player, Satchel Page.

First off, whatever rectification I did do, did not affect the planetary mutual reception. It may have affected the terms and faces but I put more emphasis on the large aspects than those minor affiliations. So, looking at his chart the first thing that is noticeable, see the table on the left of the chart, is that his Sun and Saturn, the father figure, are switched, with mutual receptions, so he naturally identifies more with his father than mother. This is supported by his sextile aspect from Saturn to Jupiter suggesting, he truly likes Dad and hold no antipathy towards him. Moses has no major aspect to the Moon, theoretically Mia, and so has no connection to her ; he thinks of her more as friend, than a mother figure.

For those who use triplicities, they Saturn and the Sun are switched again and it happens again in Terms. So for those occasionally watching this melodrama, what’s the answer? He’s Daddy’s boy, and sometimes despite all a mother’s love, that just happens. Maybe in those cases someone should ask an Astrologer for some help and find out why; in Moses cases its just an old fashioned mutual reception keeping his filial love alive.

As for his planetary type, he is a Splash with just two conjunctions as he has a grand trine in air. The trines are stretched to limit, but they are there and fit his personality well — he is a family counsellor practicing in Connecticut.

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