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Stormy Daniels was born on March 17, 1979 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and named Stephanie Clifford.  We have rectified her chart for 2:13 AM, CST giving her an Ascendant of 02 Capricorn 11 or Capricorn 12. Charubel, the Welsh mystic, says it makes their ambition go “eastward.” In this case towards Washington D.C.

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stormy daniels.pngMs. Daniels has a Grand Trine in her chart, but it relies on a translation of light in Pisces, and thus fails in the counter clockwise direction. We haven’t run into too many with this configuration, so at this point I have yet to label this fluke or exactly how it affects the native’s outlook. With it she is a locomotive single minded and driven but as it only going in one direction, she is more of a chameleon — sometimes she is an ambitious driven woman and other times she indecisive hourglass. I think this is how she compensates for her lack of Mercury — business sense — in her chart: but shifting gears as necessary.

Her most aspect planet, Venus, is in the First house and sextile her least aspected Mercury, giving Ms. Daniels a polished and agreeable manner, important in her rise in the pornography field and her second career of politics . This aspect highlights her artistic abilities.  Her Part of Fortune in the Fifth house at 02 Gemini supports this highlighting her creativity and friendly personality and opposite Uranus in the Tenth House show how she uses that very well for her personal advantage and career.

You can read here from the New York Post about Stormy’s allegations of her one night stand with Donald Trump in 2006.

As of 24 May 2023, Ms. Daniels has denied all.

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