Coos Bay born and raised

Steve Roland “Pre” Prefontaine was born on January 25, 1951 in Coos Bay, Oregon shortly before noon. This gives him the ascendant of 18 Aries, “an empty hammock hanging between trees” perhaps showing how his parents, Raymond a welder and Elfriede a German-born seamstress on one side and Bill Bowerman, his University of Oregon coach & Nike founder, on the other were his greatest cheerleaders.

Sabian symbols always come with caveats, and for Pre, Jones says 28 Aries has a warning of “detachment,” that one should not grow too fond of the praise given. Perhaps he should have heeded that otherwise his fall from grace after his failure to capture the gold at the Olympics would not have been so steep, and his depression and consequent suicide would have been averted.

Pre set a new American Record at 7:44 on 8/3/1972. No chart as time is unknown.

from Gresham to Munich

The above YouTube was Pre’s great win at Gresham Oregon on June 24th in the 3000M. After seeing that commanding win, beating the previous record of Jim Beatty and be the hero at the Munich Olympics.

Pre comes in Silver at the 1500 but shows he is fading — going wide is a sign of fatigue — at such a tough pace and a much shorter distance.

The 1500m, a far shorter race starts showing Pre would have problems with sprinting. Nonetheless for the Munich Olympics, sprinting was exactly the strategy with Pre running with pack for the greater part of the race and sprint out for the last mile in under 4:00 leaving everyone else behind. Instead, his game fell right into his competitors hands, and Pre’s last mile was clocked at 4:04. He came in fourth.

All guts no glory

The Olympic loss was devastating for Pre, and whether Bowerman counselled him was never revealed. Instead they argued the Europeans ran dirty which sounds like sour grapes and the yod between’s Pre’s Moon, his own insecurities sextile Uranus in Cancer, Bowerman’s desire to build a running empire with rubber — the prototype Nike waffle shoes with Phil Knight — led to an apex at his Sun at 04 Aquarius 59 (an inventive runner) with a corresponding head at Leo 05, “rock formations on the edge of a precipice.”

Elementally, Pre is like most runners we have reviewed, “air based” with little fire: the wind against his skin, his long hair flying helped with his “runner’s high. ” He does not have a grand trine to bind his various parts together, the watery part of fortune does not classically count.

Instead he falls into the “see-saw” pattern — two discrete parts of his life: the northern hemisphere representing his public competitive life and the introverted southern, a sensitive hippie athlete who did not care about much other than running & perfecting his skill. That this latter aspect is opposite his Mars and Jupiter, both intercepted in Campanus, suggests his strong ambitious drive propelled him to succeed more than he would admit.

The accident

After winning a 5,000‐meter race about four hours before at Hayward Field in Eugene, his local track, Pre attended a party for six Finnish athletes he had brought to America for some friendly competition.

He drove a friend home, supposedly drunk but there was no problem going to her house, but when alone (again that Moon in Virgo), he hit a curb on a hill — the physical precipice– and rolled over in his MG. His part of fortune in the eighth a “wise parrot previously listening to all around him, now talks” a sad tale how he grew up quickly boy listening to tales from his more experience friends of the politics of running. Steve died at 12:30 AM May 30th, 197 (outer ring progression of inner natal ring), Coos Bay, the place he loved best.


This was originally posted on February 18. 2019 and has been greatly updated with new research since then.

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