Recently we received a request for a chart, with terms and faces, for them to practice on, so since he has been in the news because of a live mike remarks about the Blue Angels flyover, I chose him… Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys.

The house system is the natural or 0 Aries where the whole chart starts with zero Aries and then the particular planets, stars and points are plotted in their respective houses.

This makes it striking Aikman’s ascendant falls in the tenth house of career and dreams. At 15 Capricorn 59, it has tye symbol of “high school grounds are alive with new vitality as the boys come out in the gym suits” a message of the physical satisfaction of being part of the game. It carries the warning of poor judgement, which is what he definitely displayed in his careless game remarks.

It is also easy to see that he is bundle with a two planet handle, or prism in the twelfth of secret enemies, I imagine his success makes him a target for a lot of jealousy by wannabees, and large corporations, both the television station he commentates for, Fox, and the Dallas Cowboys are large organizations. We have not run into many prisms, our first was comedienne Rose Marie, but so far we have noticed that the two handle planets, suggest two parts of the personality that make their success.

For Aikman his strong intuitive skill coupled with his opposing Mars that made him such a force as quarterback — he always seemed to know just where to throw the ball. His other planet, also, ruler of his ascendant, opposite Pluto shows his lack of interceptions coupled with a low sack rate made him an impenetrable force on the field and gave the Cowboys three Superbowls . All of this has made him one of the twenty best quarterbacks in NFL history.

Sadly that Saturn opposite Mars also shows how his career ended, when he got a devasting hit by Washington Redskins’ linebacker Lavar Arrington  leaving him with a serious concussion.

Natural Chart with Troy Aikman.pdf

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