Gary W. Lineker was a football striker. In European football, or American soccer, the team sets up the striker, who has the power and maneuverability to actually “strike” the ball into score position. Lineker played for several top teams in Britain and Europe. After retiring, Lineker became the Match of the Day (commonly referred to as MOTD) host, and he receives £1.35 million (or 1.65 million USD) from the BBC for his expertise.

Match of the Day is a football highlights program, broadcast on BBC One on Saturday nights, during the Premier League season. It is one of the BBC’s longest running shows and is quite popular.

Lineker got into the news when accused of being “out of order” on the current British asylum program.  Lineker replied: “There is no huge influx. We take far fewer refugees than other major European countries. This is just an immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people , and in language not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s, and I’m out of order?” Lineker is a strong liberal and often voices his ideology whenever the mike is near.

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Lineker 1 – BBC 0

Seems that the BBC rules are so vague that Lineker is not “out of order” and will return to his plush job. The UK Telegraph has a list of other telly presenters who have crossed the line, though not as egregious as Gary who compared the current government to Hitler’s Nazi regime, but this case has caused British politicos to question the “Aunty tax” and make the BBC like PBS in the US. Will that happen?

A quick toss of the tarot cards says, Yes, but not soon, for while the tax is rather unpopular already — the UK Telegraph has already jumped on the privatization wagon, I doubt the Manchester Guardian or the London Times will. Still, lots of people like Lineker have gotten rich off the tax, and I cannot imagine nonagenarian Sir David Attenborough  (born 8 May 1926 letting this go without a lot of flak. How octogenarian Dame Mary Berry (born 24 March 1935), will weigh in is another matter — she could go either way — but those most in favour of the 159 pound tax per annum, will make quite a ruckus before it is turned off and Aunty will become a shade of her former self.

Which begs another question? Was Lineker a striker for the tax removal and a shot against the government’s asylum policy, and who set this one up for him? Those are questions you can divine yourself. In the meantime, to the chart.

Lineker’s Chart

Lineker and ex-Bux for his birthday last Nov.

Gary Winston Lineker was born on November 30th, 1960 in Leicester City, Leicester (pronounced Lester btw), England. He has a younger brother, Wayne, who is a nightclub mogul who he was quite close to but is now estranged. His chart suggests sibling rivalry is the cause (Dark Moon Lilith 07 Cancer 06 in the third, opposite Jupiter 06 Capricorn 49 in the ninth long journeys).

Lineker has been married twice. The first time to Michelle Cockayne, to whom he was married from 1986 to May 2006. They have four boys George, 30, Harry, 28, Tobias, 25, and Angus, 24. Here his chart, (Mars in Cancer in the fourth house, opposite Venus in Capricorn in the tenth) tells us Michelle was correct that he played off the field with as much vigour as he did football.

His second marriage was to a much younger woman, Danielle Bux, with whom he refused to have children with so she divorced him & married an American entertainment lawyer, Nate Greenwald in Nantucket; they have a daughter Romy. His ninth house (with its ruler Jupiter there but in Capricorn) supports his comments of “being too old” to start another family and not really wanting to be tied down anyhow. Yet as the picture above shows, they reunited for his 62nd birthday.

The Lineker Chart

Gary has a Grand Trine in Fire. It starts with his Moon 25 Aries 55, then Uranus at 25 Leo 48 and finally the Sun at 07 Sagittarius 22. This setup with no conjunctions makes him a Humanist Splash, — that is in keeping with the rest of his chart and bias on himself as focus and not a spiritual inclination.

Also as his chart heavily leans on the right side of the globe, he is an opportunistic 1 Marc Jones in quintessential “How to Learn” called this table d’hôte or the house menu . Gary takes advantage of opportunities as they arise. That makes sense as he came from a rather middle class family in Leicester City – his father like former PM Margaret Thatcher’s was a greengrocer, so it is doubtful they could have provided him with lots of resources to use for his advancement in sport, and he soon learned his talents and quick reflexes made up for the difference.

His ascendant is 01 Taurus 28 that gets the keyword “Strategy.'” That works well for his striker career and now as the MOTD presenter. That is opposite Neptune in Scorpio in the seventh, suggesting he tends in inflate his own importance particularly in his career, as it is trine the twelfth house; alas this does not always work out in his favour though with the BBC it has. The sextile to his Part of Fortune in the sixth gives us some clue to his ability to mimic others’ opinions for his advantage as well.

Jones Lines

  • Line of Vitality zip.
  • Line of Effiency in opposition. Jones writes this illustrates the persons “hyperacute sensitivity to the potentials” at hand.
  • Line of Motivation conjunct. Here Jones says this person uses their physical abilities for their success, making him more concerns with the temporal side of life than spiritual.
  • Line of Social Significance. This lack is not of great importance thus Jones recommends heeding the relationship to Pluto. Here we get a sextile thus Jones suggests this person aims to be a spokesman for his beliefs.


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    Marc Jones in quintessential “How to Learn” called this table d’hôte or the house menu
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