Last week on the 2nd of January it sure didn’t look too good for Damar when he had his freakish health incident, but now a week later we can say he was born lucky because he looks good and was watching the game between his Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots; Bills won.

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That’s some preponderance of Aries in his sixth house, but the kicker was Lilith at 16 Libra 44 opposite Mars in his exaltation in the sixth, suggesting unfortunately a health incident at work. He gets 00 Scorpio 40 ascendant, that Sepharial says is a “nomadic warrior equipped for the fray. ” That works well, but the keyword of Offence is rather amusing as Damar is a Safety who plays on the Bills Defense.

He has an incredible preponderance in both Aquarius and Aries, which worked to his benefit, as there is no doubt modern medicine with all its mobile equipment saved his life, particularly with Neptune — fast but interfered communications — is square his Ascendant. That was the case as while they were quick, they were not onsite. Despite that serious heart attack (Mars and the Sun conjunct and afflicted by black Moon Lilith with the square to career and hopes and dreams), Jupiter lording it over in Pisces in the fith house of fun and games seemed to offer a lot of protection.

Looking back nearly 40 years to another incident, Detroit Lions Chuck Hughes, was not nearly as lucky, unfortunately. He and Houston Oilers Jeff Alm are two more I did that I died during their playing season.

His progressed chart at the accident is reassuring. While Lilith in the progressed chart is still opposing his Mars-Sun conjunction, it is also now square his Part of Fortune, giving a hint this was just a bad break that will open up other opportunities (the PoF is also conjunct fixed star Asellus that gives lucky breaks).

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