Donald George “Don” Bradman, AC, had a career Test batting average of 99.94. This average is often cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any sport, though most people outside of his native Australia barely know him. That’s strange as there was a popular video game created in his honor (see below) where kids learned to bat the Bradman-way.

As neither Alan Leo, Aleister Crowley nor Marc Edmund Jones covered his horoscope, unfortunately. We would like to correct that mistake now.

He was the youngest of 5 children, was born at a midwife’s home on 27 August 1908 at what we figure to be around 8pm in the evening in Cootamundra, New South Wales; his family home is now a state museum. . Throughout his career he was “The Don”, and is widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. When cricketers play, even though he is long retired, it’s his record is the one to beat; just like Roger Maris or Hank Aaron in baseball .

Marriage and Career

Donald Bradman was married to Jessie Martha Menzies 1 It is doubtful that she was related to the former Oz Prime Minister Robert Menzies except for both were of Scottish descent. at St Paul’s Anglican Church at Burwood, Sydney on 30 April 1932. The couple had 3 children (Jupiter in the fifth house).

Sir Donald had a meteoric rise from bush cricket to the Australian Test team in just a bit over two years. Before his 22nd birthday, he set several records for top scoring, some of which still stand, and became Australia’s sporting idol at the height of the Great Depression.  His stats actually could have been greater, but Australia interrupted the cricket for World War II.

The Bradman Chart

Bradman’s interception is in the 3rd and 9th

We have rectified Sir Donald to 01 Aries “a man rises out of the water, and a seal embraces him,” suggesting the soul’s interdependence between emotion and will as they create its new potential. His ascendant is closely tied to his Part of Fortune (05 Aries), because success was so entwined in the fiber of his being.

Bradman is a bucket with a Uranian handle at 13 Capricorn in the 10th house. Uranus though is square its Lord Saturn, highlighting how he resented the professional rules of the game he felt tied him down. As Uranus is in the tenth house of career and dreams, it is also opposite Neptune in the fourth house — home and family life — where he felt stable and quiet life was the key to his happiness. This is born out by his comments . His success was contingent on his wife’s immaculate and tidy household, for her managing everything so well, , allowed him to practise and perfect his skills.

A preponderance of planets in Virgo spreading from the 5th and the importance in his life on technique and perfect aim to the 6th where his scrupulous abstemious (he neither drank, philandered or smoked ) lifestyle led to a long life and domestic bliss.

His North Node there shows how failure was an anathema to Bradman, and he hated to admit any personal shortcomings or familial problems like the illnesses of his children. This created some friction between himself and his father, who ultimately changed his surname to avoid the interrogating press.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard called him the “greatest living Australian” in 2001, shortly before he reposed. We can only agree, and say he was indeed a True Blue Aussie (Ozzy down under).

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    It is doubtful that she was related to the former Oz Prime Minister Robert Menzies except for both were of Scottish descent.
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