This is a chart of a real person whom we shall call Hazel.  Her surname, also fictitious, is because Hazel is a shrub of the birch family.  Our header picture is of a hazel eye. Hazel’s birthime is unknown so this is a perspective chart that we rectified with her help.2018-08-04_23-49-46

Ms. Birch has a grand trine in her chart making her a  locomotive temperament type. The Northwestern side of the chart is the most open area  of it, so we find that she is rather unsure of herself but exudes a lot of cock sureness to make up for a nagging sense of inadequacy.  Her opposition of the Sun at 28 Gemini to Uranus in the 4th at 29 Sagittarius that is partile to Saturn,  shows she has a hard time with technology at HOME and that seems to be to her detriment despite her Mercury in its essential Lord in the tenth because she cannot “sell herself.”

                                                                   Hazel Sous Vide

Despite her ambition, she is most comfortable with young girls (Gemini 18 SS a large archaic volume the symbol of obligation and guidance) as the teacher-mommy-den mother  role (semisextile Jupiter in the 9th at 24 Taurus SS an Indian with scalps highlighting one’s personal prowess). All of this works as Ms. Birch is a piano teacher for an entourage of young school age girls.

But then we run into the problem of Uranus in the 4th square Mars in the 7th an unfortunate combination as this gives Hazel the tendency to play with FIRE from unusual sources in the house — hopefully she has fire extinguishers there as well. With both Uranus and Saturn partile and Neptune conjunct in the fifth, she may have a hobby of sculpting plexiglas, or an interest in the current fad of sous vide  — similar to the old vacuumized Banquet bags of the 60’s and 70’s only now with a cool name.

Nor does it help that she Pluto at 10 Scorpio, its essential ruler and is also her Part of Fortune.  Its SS is “a fellowship supper” telling us she may be naive in handling fire, and since it is square its Scorpion mate of Mars at  17.20 Pisces, (SS “a gigantic tent”  marking over exuberance in entertainment) hot water may not be all that figurative for what she gets herself into.accident hazel birch.png

                                                                            Hazel Burns

On July 19th, in her home, (time and place are approximate),  Hazel was making coffee, nothing wild at all, on her camp stove, and got burns on her thighs (Sagittarius) and lower abdomen (Scorpio).  Cupido, the asteroid not the TNP, was opposite transiting Pluto at 30 Cancer, getting here a rather wide orb, and showing the worry of  skin cosmetcs.  Another asteroid  is Leo 3 conjunct the travelling Sun at 28 Cancer of PALLAS ATHENA perhaps showing off on she does this for their edification.  This show and tell resulted in unleashing PANDORA at 9.34 Aquarius conjunct the transiting Mars and South Nodes and trine travelling Ceres, Venus and Psyche (11 Scorpio 47).  The last asteroid makes us wonder did her family camp a lot that she reliving old memories?  Nostalgia at 3.15 Aries trine her natal Sun suggests yes, but we do not know if that is her childhood family or her current one.
Focus on the black boxes on the biwheel adding in the asteroids as you need.  We of course,  know that you join us in wishing her the best.  Insights are welcome.

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