Theodore McCarrick’s natal chart and the announcement of his defrocking is striking its five oppositions — a strong chart showing the “Splash” Temperament” and how his actions affected every part of his life — public, private, social, environment and career.

benedict and mccarrick

You can read the announcement from the New York Times, which time and place we used for the mundane (outer) chart.

As we commented in his natal writeup, McCarrick’s focal determinator is Saturn located in the third squared by the Moon, suggestive of an older man abusing his privilege of father figure.

mcccarrick and john paul.jpg

The outer mundane chart of the announcement shows Jupiter in mutable Sagittarius as the focal determinator, depicting how many strong voices of his constituency, rose up against him; Saturn is semi-sextile away hidden in the twelfth in between Venus and Pluto, ostensibly showing his encloisterment in a nunnery.

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