Francesco Forgione was born in a small town called Pietrelcina, near Benevento outside of Naples in Southern Italy, He was fifth of eight children. At an early age, he had celestial visions &  spoke with Jesus and the Virgin Mother.  He was also tormented by the devil to turn away from the Heavenly visions.

Francesco helped his family by looking after livestock until he was 10 years old,  and gained a limited education. When he first applied to join the Capuchin order, he was knocked back because of this lack, so he worked in exchange for private lessons from a local schoolmaster. Upon graduation, he was able at 15 to enter the Capuchin Friars at Morcone, where he took the name Friar Pio.

The Capuchins are an offshoot of the Franciscan order, founded by St Francis of Assisi — the current Pope Francisco took his name from him. They seek to return to extreme austerity, simplicity, and poverty envisaged by St Francis, Francesco in Italian.  After entering the Friary of St Francis, Pio experienced severe illnesses and moments of religious ecstasy. It was said that strange sounds could be heard from his room. Padre Pio said he was frequently attacked by the devil and the sounds were from the battles taking place.

On  August 10, 1910,  he was ordained a Priest in the Cathedral of Benevento and eight years later on September 20, 1918,  while he was praying in front of a Crucifix located in the choir in the hutch, an angel gave him the stigmata. The stigmata remained opened and bleeding for the next fifty years. This was one of the reasons for which doctors, scientists, journalists went to San Giovanni Rotondo to observe this miracle.

Like most monks, Father woke up in the early morning to get himself ready for the Holy Mass. He arose at  4 a.m.and inevitably there were always hundreds and sometimes even a thousand people waiting for the door of the church to open and receive his blessing.  After the Mass, he used to spend most time of his day in prayer and confessions.  After fifty years of stigmata, he died September 23, 1968, at 2:30 am when transiting Ceres (08 Aries) was exact to his North Node (09 Aries) and his transiting North Node (23 Leo) was exact his Ascendant (21 Leo).

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Southern Bowl

The dear Padre is a bowl temperament type, with everything in the Southern hemisphere of his chart, giving him a very public life.  His ascendant is 08 Scorpio 17, suggesting that while he was a recluse at heart, he overcame his personal preferences for his performed his obligation to the hundreds of pilgrims who came to see him tirelessly and with inexhaustible patience (Neptune part of the stellium at 28 Taurus — a man pursued by others, a symbol of eternal promise from others.

Scorpio 09,  his ascendant, “Dental Work,”  hints at the pain he suffered.  We know of no one who finds visiting the dentist anything but a necessary evil, and Dr. Jones writes this is the “self-renewal one must engage in to fulfill a higher mission.” This is obviously the stigmata.

                              The Crowded House

The crowded 7th house that is striking because it is found in a celibate priest’s monk and so many planets —  Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto and the Sun — suggests lots of opportunities and relationships.  Instead, a stellium hear is the opposite –individuals with a 7th House stellium are least least likely to marry.   

This is because too many energies come into the life that they cannot commit to a person — these opportunities and endeavours swallow them whole and they find themselves loners needing solace and time alone to recover.  Still, this aspect is often a sign of someone committed to others in an advisory role like a solicitor, psychologist or consultant.

 Chiron is in the eighth house, separated by the dotted green line on the online chart, at 23 Gemini 33 “children skating on thin ice” is about the pious Father’s surrender to circumstance and accepting his burdens as they were and not capitalizing on them for personal gain. Undoubtedly many such offers did come his way.

While the Ascendant gives Padre Pio’s outlook on the world, the Moon in the 8th house, tells of his public devotion to the Church, while the Sun at 04 Gemini 05 a “radical well” was his will at succeeding in his devotion despite the outer compulsions that tried to swerve him away. Mercury is the Lord of the sign of Gemini,the priest’s Sun, so the stellium actually are helping him in his faith by buttressing it with strong support, giving the Father strong mental resilience to doubt and vexation from others, including Old Nick himself.

He reposed on September 23, 1968 San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia, Italy . His funeral was attended by over 100,000 of the faithful. He was beatified, the first step in canonization, on 2 May 1999, Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City by the late Pope John Paul II.

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