Why Reality matters

Long before the 2020 elections and their allegations of voter fraud, Reality Winner, in 2017, released classified documents that this was going on, but no one paid attention. Reality Winner’s birth time was taken from her Arrest Warrant where it states she was born December 4, 1991, in Kingsville, Texas, but her moment of relevance occurred just nine days ago in Augusta, Georgia.

Reality Leigh Winner (née Sarah, it seems) was arrested for leaking an NSA report to The Intercept .  She printed the report, photographed it with her cell phone, and then exchanged emails from her work account with the staff at The Intercept, before emailing the photos of the report to them, also from her work account. The Intercept shared the document with the NSA to confirm it — rather humorous isn’t that bit?  When the FBI looked her up, according to the arrest affidavit, she admitted to being the one who sent the document.

The leaked memo of Voter Fraud

What’s in the leaked memo?The document, printed with some redactions at The Intercept, reveals that the Russian government’s attempts to interfere in the 2016 election went further than the public previously knew (read: beyond email hacks at the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign), and, that despite denials from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who just the other day floated to Megyn Kelly that perhaps “freelance” hackers were behind the tampering, Russian military intelligence agents were, responsible

Citing intelligence gathered since April (but leaving “raw intelligence” out of the document), the memo says agents with the GRU, Russia’s largest foreign intelligence agency, launched two attacks before the election: one attack in August on a voter-identification software company not named but is believed by The Intercept and others to be Florida-based VR Systems, and a second attack was just before Election Day in late October or early November in more than 100 local elections. Both hacks came via “spear phishing” (the same tactic used on Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta) where bogus emails are sent from Gmail or Outlook accounts tricking people to open documents that installs software on their computers to compromise their information. Alas they have no cute mnemonic for plugins that do that to a WordPress site as recently happened to me.

The attack, which the memo says was likely successful, was planned as a one-two punch: First, hack VR Systems, whose software is used by local officials in several states to maintain the list of registered voters; then, pose as VR Systems to send an email blast to an estimated 122 local election officials, tricking them into clicking on a fake company manual and stealing their information, too. If there was ever a reason to return to paper ballots this is it, a democracy cannot stand when the elections are suspect, those tricks are the hallmarks of a totalitarian government.

Reality’s NSA work

Reality supports Black Lives Matter, Bernie Sanders and of course, hates the Republican Party & Trump.  None of that matters for either her job or her NSA clearance, but instead is based from her stint in the Air Force where she had been a cryptographic linguist.  According to the newsfeeds, she is fluent in Farsi (Persian), Pashto (a national language of Afghanistan for those of Iranian origin), and Dari (another national language of Afghanistan for those of Iranian origin) .  These three are the major languages spoken in Afghanistan, and probably Iran (formerly known as Persia) as well.

That means she was translating intercepted communications from Afghanistan or Iran, for consumption first by the NSA,, the National Security Agency, which is then passed along to the CIA. (We know this because NSA intercepts and processes communications, while the CIA analyzes communications.)

We also know she had a top-secret clearance originally for some kind of extended background investigation, we are guessing about Afghanistan when she was in the Air Force.  Ms. Winner then separated from the Air Force, we do not know why and took a job shortly afterward with government contractor Pluribus International that is a privately owned company headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, but has since been purchased by METIS in June 2019. Reality though was based in Augusta, Georgia.

As a top-secret clearance costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to process, literally, not to mention any months Pluribus probably asked the  NSA, to sponsor extending her clearance, so she could get up and running (then and billable to the NSA) as soon as possible.

Understanding Reality

Her progressed chart is a wedged, framed by the trine from  Jupiter to Saturn, which is actually a consolidation of her native Bowl temperament.  Her progressed Neptune is opposite her progressed Ascendant with no T-Square for some expressive outlet, so she is bouncing between her duty and her feeling that she is the “odd one out” thanks to 16 Cancer.

There are a lot of reasons for that feeling of not fitting in, her change of name, that the NSA was not as progressively liberal as the Air Force or just being in the Peach Tree State.  Any one of those could do it, and without a T-Square, we cannot positively id what that was, other than her new employment and her vocational desires are a mismatch.

Her Moon in Capricorn in the ninth encourages that because these natives typically do have a political-philosophical bent and they want to use it to further their belief system.

Respecting A Winner

Chiron, that asteroid of Personal Respect, is in the first house at 08 Leo 18, tells us that Ms. Winner has a high regard for herself, and sextile (sixty degrees away) from her Part of Fortune at Gemini 8 it exactly conjunct her native Ascendant.  That Part of Fortune has progressed to her eleventh house and between the two spheres creates a yod with its apex at the North Node-Sun conjunction in the house of labor, the Sixth house and the progressed south node, in the Twelfth House of self-undoing, governmental endeavors, and secretive business, her midpoint.

E. C. Chambers writes this midpoint degree highlights “unconventionality” and a desire for “recognition.”  The Hyperion Symbols gives us the image of “Madrigal singers performing, ” that works well as Ms. Winner really did put on some solo performance.

That this is not a good career move, and perhaps that was somewhat intended, she seems to have thought this would get her out of her Pluribus contract, is shown by her Progressed South Node on the cusp of her natal second house.

Other indicators that this was a way out is her progressed Moon at 16 Cancer 11 to natal Part of Fortune.

Sabian Departments

Her Line of Motivation, Jupiter to Saturn, is trine, suggesting her receiving plaudits was a slam-dunk.  She sang the right tune to the right audience, and received the showers of praise. Even her sentencing amounted to a slap on the write: five years for counter intelligence against the US government.

Her Life of Efficiency, the aspect from Mars to Venus, is and semi-sextile, so thinks of something and without much further thought, does it.

.Her Life of Culture, the aspect from Uranus to Neptune, is conjunct in the eighth house, hilighting her decision to go into government work and be of public service.

And finally, her Line of Vitality, or Personal Assurance of the Moon to the Sun, is also semi-sextile.

All of this suggests, that Ms. Winner’s timing was impeccable.  As for whether her story holds up?  That’s a chart I do not have.

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