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Mr Simon’s natal chart was rectified and shown below. His ascendant is Libra 22° with the symbol of “A little child is laughing as the streaming water turns into a grotto and the birds hurry to drink”. This fits a man who wrote play on the Book of Job and made it a comedy, for as he said in his autobiography, he believed God has a sense of humor.  The symbol is one of the intuitive understanding & the sympathy for a life that accompanies genuine youthfulness in spirit. The keyword is FURTHERANCE.


                                    Birth of a Playwright.

Marvin Neil Simon was born in the Bronx, New York, on July 4, 1927, to Irving Simon, a salesman in the garment district, and Mamie Levy Simon, a saleslady at Gimbel’s department store. He had one brother, Danny Simon, eight years his senior. He grew up in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan and graduated from the then all-boys DeWitt Clinton High School on Moshulu Parkway in the Bronx.   Simon studied at New York University and then the University of Denver while serving in the U.S. Army Air Force Reserve.  While the chart above does not show the Asteroid Shakespeare because I am having some troubles with Kepler 8.0, it is conjunct, about 2 degrees away, from his midheaven.

                                                                                               and the earthly demise

simon progressed

His progressed chart is above in blue with the empty houses emboldened in gold. It was put to what his agent said was his approximate time of death of 1 PM and has the ascendant of 30 Sagittarius that has the symbol of “bathing beauties” with the meaning of someone who stands radiant in his individuality and person.  By the time he died, Simon was now a see-saw temperament type, probably highlighting his dementia as he had moments of lucidity. Neptune in the eighth suggests fluid retention and Venus in Virgo that his body could not eliminate waste by products easily. His Moon opposite his Pluto suggests there was some amount of regret of his treatment of people and family members.

We are not doing Mr. Simon’s chart at this time, but will give you a hint, he and Felix Unger of the Odd Couple had a lot in common. Maybe too much for Simon’s comfort as this was a play that he signed away the television rights and took the cash. It was definitely out of character and something in his autobio he constantly regretted — see Saturn in the second house in Sagittarius and its aspects to understand why.

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