Rachael, a friend of ours, recently asked us for some career advice.  We always rectify our clients; chart and for her came up with 29 Pisces, a prism that takes facets of reality and fashions it into a way to measure her potential.

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A famous prism

The prism, is a dual edged sword for Rachael as it inverts images so that they are not viewed correctly but instead with Jupiter right near her ascendant —  and her focal determinator as the handle of her bucket —   she has the most optimistic view of her problems possible.  Her yod is a handy tool for  offsetting the problem using Liz Greene’s suggestion of the natural sextile of Neptune and Pluto as the base.  This makes the head, as astrologer Joan Kellogg calls it —  at 16 Libra — symbolically a  a boat landing washed ashore — in the seventh house of relationships and opportunities.

In practical terms, this symbol suggests that Rachael needs to take a “respite” from always thinking from her own perspective, instead reaching out of herself and listening to others and valuing their opinions.  Intuitively, Neptune in the Scorpio the house of creative regeneration, coming for astrological advice was a good first step and allows herself to get off the hook and listen to another point of view.

Answering the Question

Libra 16 a boat washed ashore
In our first edition of this essay, we did not write up our response to Rachael -- a major on our part.  Reviewing it, we saw the error and are now correcting it.  

With a new ascendant and thus a new point of view, we looked at Rachael’s career and saw the problem — currently she is in the sales service world, we recommend that she go into the traditional sales world of commodities: housewares, furniture, clothing, lumber and cars. Since she has a preponderance of planets hovering around the sixth house in Virgo we think that hard goods would be a much better fit with her overall active personality.

We constantly review and vet our essays for completeness and accuracy. This one was reviewed on Wednesday, April 3 2019.

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