The popular takes is that George Orson Welles  has an ascendant of Gemini 26 but looking at that chart, we saw nothing spectacular that supported that idea, so we rectified it to 24 Taurus making it conjunct his Mercury and Sun.  Now with a good preponderance in the tenth house and Aquarius the boy wonder comes to life.

His father was a inventor and his mother, a concert pianist.  He was named after two friends of the family, George Ade and Orson Wells.  When he was thirteen years old his father Richard committed suicide and made Maurice Bernstein, an orthopedic surgeon based in Chicago, his guardian.  Some of this gets replayed in Welles’ Citizen Kane that is half autobiographical and half a jab at Randolph Hearst, where Mr. Bernstein  still  makes his appearance as Charles Foster Kane’s  wearily  ignored and bespeckled advisor  — we did Everett Sloane’s chart earlier.

Transpluto ruled by Taurus is in the third house is next to Neptune highlighting his deep luxuriant voice,  his powerful presence and versatility.  With his Venus and Mars are closely allied in the twelfth house and sextile his Uranus and Moon, we find a natural yod with its head right at Venus — Orson, and it was not just in Citizen Kane,  had a serious problem with her tendency to acquire beautiful women (the beautiful Rita Hayworth was his second wife; his third was an Italian actress Paola Mori) and things and a gluttonous appettite for them all.

True to his Taurean rising, Welles was fairly easy going  until something provoked him, typically not getting his own way, and he raged like a caged bull and his voice bellowed, rang and shook the foundations with everyone running for cover.  Such is the anger of Taurus that few forget it.

Jupiter in the eleventh highlights his incredible versatility as actor, playwright, choreographer and director and then later as spokesman and of course that Uranus right near his midheaven was the incredible genius in his Mercury Theatre and broadcast on Halloween 1938 of War of the Worlds that shook people up so much, that they ran from the houses believing we had been invaded from Mars.

orson welles.png

Welles is a bowl temperament type, heavily tilted to the eastern pulling everything he could from his experiences and making it a resource.  True to his astrological geometry, he admitted in several interviews, he never listened to anyone — much to his later regret. He died a pauper in a destitute part of L.A.; but he left a grand legacy.

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