William Frankland in his book, Investigative Astrology c. 1900, has this chart with the question of what is his problem?  He gives us some clues:  there is a kite configuration made of the opposition between Mercury and Uranus.
He also lets us know that Jupiter is in its essential house of Pisces and Venus is there and exalted.  The trine, depicted in yellow, goes from that conjunction to the Ascendant at 20 Cancer and then to Uranus on the fourth-fifth house cusp.  Based on the orbs, this is one off-kilter Water Trine while the kite’s tail — an opposition made from within the trine — is a bit tighter.
The tail lets us know that the dynamic challenge in this man’s life is handling his career rationale vs. the demands of his family life.  While dynamic challenges change appearances, because of transits and progressions,  the underlying tension remains true, just morphing into chimerical visages that we may not catch because of their changed appearance.
frankland's musician
What we do know, based on the chart is that this man is a gifted musician.  We can say that based on all that Piscean energy, but it is in the ninth house, & travel is required, such is the lot of the entertainer — they must go to their venues; no one comes to them.  Libra on the fourth though, wants a stable home life:  family and friends and all the idyllic happiness that brings, but with Uranus hovering between that an the fifth, that desire is torn by the  disruption of his creative juices that keep the musical flow churning — he seems to hear music everywhere and has a protean creative force within, but  his Ascendant  cannot give up either dream, and so that challenge will haunt and besiege him until he finds someone or thing that can help balance it out for him.

Frankland notes that because it is Uranus, this opposition, will either have the most strife at the ages of “twenty-one, forty-two or sixty-three years of age,” and so this musician’s success will be long delayed.

If we create a yod, not then in favour so Frankland would have not used it, we see that the Ascendant’s lord, the Moon is in the eighth house, sextile the Sun in the tenth with the apex again at Uranus and the head midpoint at the mid-heaven at 19 Pisces that gives us the Hyperion symbol of ”  wind driven dust devils under the red sun.”    Kent McClung writes that this is the force of  reckless inspiration — the wind — in one’s life that is hard to control.


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