Jones has this at April 6 1890 am in Kediri. So does Elbert Benjamine for the Church of Light. Seems right, His ascendant is 28 Aries 59, supports his military career. Nikita Khrushchev has this for his Sun.

A Grand Fixed Cross at the cardinal points and then a Grand Trine in Air. Fokker has it all. Mars at home in Sagittarius for the flying machine in eighth of death, the asteroids nearby show how this was lucrative for Fokker. Sextile is Jupiter in Aquarius in the tenth for all the various flying machines.

The Fokker Map

Fokker’s big invention was manufacturing an aeroplane for Germany, he was Dutch living in Germany because they had manufacturing while his native Netherlands did not. Prior to outside of World War I, in 1911 he put a synchronized Gatling gun between the propeller blades, of course the trick is the machine gun does not take down the props. For whatever reason, neither Britain nor France could not repeat this feat, the synchronization was the tough thing to beat, but Fokker’s Grand Trine in Air made that a natural for him.

The sixth house with the Moon and Uranus opposite the twelfth of governments show his inventive streak here. The part of fortune in open enemies at 06 Scorpio 09 shows his ability to use those ideas from the sixth to make his fortune.

He was prodigious. He designed monoplanes, biplanes and triplanes for Germany. Legendary Red Baron aka Manfred von Richthofen, flew one of his planes, and probably Herman Goering too.

Neptune and Pluto in the second show the fear that his creations wrought among other fliers and of course Saturn right next to Regulus at 27 Leo 28 on the fifth house cusp show the manufacturing ingenuity for what was then his homeland (he was living in Germany pre War and then in America).

Fokkers Everywhere

Amelia Earhart flew his plane when she disappeared. Knute Rockne was killed in a Fokker when his plane crashed. Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett flew a Fokker when they soared over the North Pole. Fokkers were everywhere,then.

His mistake was similar to Henry Ford, he sold stock for expansion, and went public. Eventually he lost control of the company. General Motors bought it and renamed it General Aviation. Fokker Aeroplanes were still extant in the Netherlands but even that eventually folded in 1996.

Fokker himself died right after the World War started in Europe (Germany’s invasion of Poland, 9-1-1939) in Murray Hill (east of the old B. Altman’s department store) Manhattan, New York on December 23, 1939 from meningitis. He was not even 50. Alas, payback’s a bitch.

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